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17 December 2004

High School Principal Sends Police After Concerned Parents and Reporters

The big Boston-area flap at the moment is about concerned parents and a local newspaper reporter who wondered why a Newton high school was sponsoring extremist pro-gay indoctrination on campus with students able to skip regular classes to attend.

When they insisted on being allowed to monitor the activities, the principal brought the police in to bar them all, even the reporter. The fringe group providing the content engaged in explicit language and sexual discussions with students. From the Boston Herald:

Two parents, shocked at frank talk during a gay and lesbian awareness day at Newton North High, were forced off the property after one parent whipped out a video camera and started taping.
``This does not belong in curriculum,'' said Kim Cariani, who said four police officers and the principal told them they would be charged with trespassing if they did not leave.
``It's against my religion. It's morally wrong and forced in a child's face.''
Each year, some students at Newton North forgo classes during To BGLAD: Transgender, Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Awareness Day with assembly-like sessions including ``Out at the Old Ballgame'' and ``Color Me Queer.'' Students are not required to attend.
Cariani kept her two kids home during the day, but she was curious.
Cariani and another parent, Brian Camenker, were in the audience when adults in a panel discussion talked about being gay. When one man told the students he was attracted to his sister's husband, Cariani said she started to record the ``propaganda, false information and lies.''
The principal demanded Cariani turn over the videotape or leave, Camenker said.
``They took the two of us and pulled us out and gave us one minute to leave and if we came back on the property we would be arrested for trespassing,'' he said.
Tom Mountain, a columnist for the Newton Tab, was also barred from the assembly ``for the safety and security of the children,'' he said he was told.

In news coverage of the confrontation, the principal is clearly very angry that anyone would question this type of event and obviously did not want the general public to find out about it. If only more parents paid attention as they did our schools would be in much better shape.


  • I listened to you as long as you were on KIRO and I don't remember you ever addressing gay rights issues on your show. My memory may be faulty, but am I right in assuming that you have new-found courage at this point?
    Why? Maybe you could address abortion rights next.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 December, 2004 03:59  

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