The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

13 December 2004

Another Euro-Scolding on the Election Results

At this point I'm not sure why time and money is wasted conducting polls on western European views of this country. The American media can't get enough of them, they probably duke it out in the newsrooms over which reporter will break the "bad news" to their readers.

Here's part of the latest:

At least seven in 10 in France, Germany and Spain said they have an unfavorable view of President Bush. Just over half of the French and Germans said they have an unfavorable view of Americans in general, and about half of Spaniards felt that way.

Especially inclined to have an unfavorable opinion of Bush in those countries were people between ages 18 and 24. A majority of all respondents in France, Germany and Spain said they were disappointed that Bush won a second four-year term, defeating Democrat John Kerry.

Spend some time in any of these countries and you'll realize quickly that the last group we want to be in agreement with are 18-24 year olds in France, Germany or Spain. I'd rather focus on winning over the youth of Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, etc., the future of Europe.


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