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15 December 2004

Reactions to Harry Reid Essay

Thanks for the feedback received on the op-ed piece I wrote about Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid for WorldNetDaily. Here is a sampling:

You're exactly on target with Harry Reid. I remember
when you were on KOH in Reno and I listened.

He plays definite dirt hardball and isn't to be
underestimated by the Republicans in Congress. If
they do it'll be to their detriment.


Michael H.
Dayton, Nevada


Brian -

Good heads up on Reid.

Imagine a democrat, tolerant on everything, appreciative of diversity and only for the common man acting in such a decidedly vindictive, aggressive manner! I am shocked! Shocked that a liberal politician could be so mean spirited!

In the end, he is a petty fascist like all his stinking cohorts in the only legalized theft ring on the planet. They had better never lose control.

Kirk A. H.

Reid Vs. Daschle

1 - Reid's wife is NOT a money player in Washington

2 - Reid does not talk in that annoying voice

3 - Reid may not be Ted Kennedy's b***h

4 - Reid has his own agenda, and it starts with Yucca Mountain, not ANWR

Otherwise, I agree that Reid is both a very tough customer (he deals with casino owners) and a mean guy when he wants to be. But for reasons 1-4 above, I am on my knees. I just could not take listening to Daschle's voice any more

Duggan F.
Austin, Texas


Nevada has been run by the mob for a long time (Illinois where I live and New Jersey ain't much better). Of course Reid is the D.C. consigliere and it showed in his theft of an election in 1998 and the lay down farce that was arranged in 2004. Looks like Chris Dodd also got an "offer he can't refuse", too. Going after Thomas was a three in one:

1. Get the black (a true Mormon doesn't believe they can enter heaven, despite the recent "revelation" to the contrary).
2. Get the younger man who would reign for a long time and the wedge candidate that hurt the black Democratic plantation.
3. Please Reid's Italian "associates" by boosting Scalia.

Yes, he's a venomous partisan, but as a spokesman, he doesn't help them. They would have been better off with Dodd. I wouldn't be surprised if Reid is out in 2007 after the Dems lose more Senate seats. But then again, the "Dixie Mafia" may want him to stay on to help Hillary.

Grant N.


The best defense against Reid for the GOP is to change the Senate filibuster rules. He came out of the closet, like a vampire getting out of his casket, when he made his outrageous attack on Justice Thomas. Forget Bi-partisan!

I hope the Senate is more perceptive about Reid than Bush is about Norman Mineta (or was about Teddy Kennedy).

G.B. H., Marietta, Ga.



  • I heard a rumor that you once held Rush Limbaugh's ass in your hand and sold it in an auction. Seems pretty strange to me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 December, 2004 04:41  

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