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11 December 2004

WorldNetDaily Op-Ed on Harry Reid Now Available

My op-ed piece on Sen. Harry Reid is now on the WorldNetDaily site. I'll be posting reader feedback here soon. Let me know what you think.


  • Brian,

    I think you grant Harry Reid the benefit of the
    doubt when you claim that he took a pro-life position
    "due to his Mormon faith."

    Back when Reid first entered politics taking a
    pro-life stand was expedient for a Democrat.

    In practice, he found it amazingly useful in
    deceiving the electorate about his underlying
    liberalism. "He's a pro-life Mormon...!" lead
    readers to conclude he was much more conservative
    that the facts indicated.

    His actions of filibustering pro-life judicial
    nominees indicates that he is not really pro-life.

    Taking the pro-life position is the safest
    "conservative" position for liberal seeking cover
    to take. The courts make such a stance academic, and
    Harry Reid is making sure that the courts never do

    Whether, or not, he is a Mormon Christian is purely
    a matter of speculation. Politicians proclaiming
    their piety is SOP for politicians. Many such
    proclaimations are insincere.

    Why give him the benefit of the doubt?

    Dave from Reno,

    I use to call in to your show frequently.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 December, 2004 18:06  

  • Hello Brian,

    I heard Senator Reid on the radio several years ago and i listened then and thought as i do now that Reid was a jerk and still is. I guess he always will be?

    My sister use to live out in garnerville, Nv before she passed away in 1999. God bless her always.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 December, 2004 15:18  

  • Thanks for your comments. I may be giving Reid too much credit on the Mormon aspect of his background, but I feel it's not up to me to judge the sincerity of his faith.

    What's most important is that he is now waffling in public on the issue to pander to the pro-abortion left. No doubt this a requirement in order to become Senate Minority Leader.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 13 December, 2004 12:38  

  • I don't view his "waffling" on the abortion issue to be any different than Republicans who try to have it both ways on this issue. For example, George Bush says he is pro-life, but at the same time, he says he won't work to overturn Roe v. Wade. Conservatives ride the fence too, playing to moderates in the Republcian party in much the same way as Reid.

    Incidentally, I think it's great that you leave your comments turned on, and that you actually respond to people who write you. I happened upon your site via a mention on radio host Neal Boortz's blog in his "Reading Assignments" section. Your article on Reid was interesting, though again I tend to think you're exaggerating his sinister qualities. Democrats would interpret his interest in radio as uncommon savviness. Republicans see it as trying to "silence" talk radio. Partisans of both sides always try to make "the enemy" appear in the worst possible light.

    By Blogger Matthew, at 13 December, 2004 13:55  

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