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05 December 2004

The Push to Steal the Election Gets Underway

Are you as tired as I am of news stories that fail to point out to the reader that Dino Rossi is in fact Washington State's Governor-Elect? Rossi has been certified by the Secretary of State, but the news media are frequently not pointing that out, calling the race "unresolved" as though two full ballot counts hadn't already happened.

Yes the Demos, with help from John Kerry, quickly came up with the necessary funds to pay for a third count of the ballots, one which will be done by hand and less accurate than the second machine count.

The real story of course is the series of legal moves Democrat Christine Gregoire is making in order to produce a result favorable to her. She now wants another group of illegitimate King County votes to be included in the third round.

Rossi and the WA GOP have stepped up the vocal objections to this attempt at theft but it isn't loud or bold enough. Rossi himself needs to take the gloves off and make it clear that this is nothing more than fraud. He had a low key campaigning style that turned out to be the winning strategy against her in-your-face trial lawyer personality, but now he must win the PR battle as much as the Republicans must prevail in court.


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