The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

03 December 2004

Move On Isn't Going To

Clearly any conservative who believes the left has been permanently vanquished by the most recent election is terribly mistaken. At best the blowout results for the GOP gave the right a few months off from the culture wars while bitter foes lick their wounds.

But they will be back. They always have before and it won't be any different this time. With each passing day the election hangover passes a little more, the losing side regroups and begins to regain strength.

The question comes down to what they will choose to stand for, whether they will have much credibility and learn from their mistakes. To me the toughest hurdle they have have to overcome is the ever-shrinking number of people who share their beliefs. If they keep pushing the same tired positions it will only get worse. hasn't gone away, they are already back with a new round of excuses and takes on how the election really wasn't such a Republican field day after all. Conservatives should be delighted that some of their best fundraising tools are still alive and kicking.


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