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30 November 2004

Governor Locke's Not-So-Hidden Agenda

Governor Locke has weighed in on the WashiFlorida gubernatorial race, on the day when the Secretary of State has certified Dino Rossi as Governor-elect of the State of Washington. He's trying to sound like a statesman, above partisan politics, but just about anyone can see through his obvious ploy.

He wants a statewide hand recount and says both sides should accept the result. He doesn't say why on earth Dino Rossi should accept a less accurate and unprecedented statewide hand recount when he has won the first count and the second. The only purpose of a third count is to change the outcome. These Democrats want to keep recounting until they get a result they like.

Meanwhile the ever more pathetic Christine Gregoire is holding a "count every vote" vigil, the trouble is that every vote has been counted twice and she got a free gift from a King County judge. That was in the form of hundreds of fishy Seattle ballots that shouldn't have been counted in the first place because signatures didn't match or for other problems.

Liberal former Republican Governor Dan Evans, in a rare instance of agreement with his own party, had an excellent op-ed piece published in the Seattle Times today on why there should not be a hand recount.


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