The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

26 January 2005

Reactions to WorldNetDaily Op-Ed

It's back to writing and answering emails after spending the last couple of days digging and dealing with the storm aftermath.

Here's a sampling of responses from readers to my WorldNetDaily Op-Ed piece on liberal talk radio:

Mr. Maloney:
I agree, liberal radio will never sustain itself. That is because the majority of people voting democratic don't have long attention spans. They aren't news junkies. I know democrats and they just don't follow the news. They do remember slogans. They do remember half truths (just read the liberal columns - they are filled with half truths).

The democratic politicians know this. They cater to the less intelligent. They prefer the mob. They appeal to the lower tendencies such as envy. They use slogans and half truths to get these non-thinkers all riled up. Democratic politicians are the new rabble rousers. People with half a brain can see this.

Obviously I can't just label all democratic voters idiotic but I wish there was a way to expose democratic politician's efforts to manipulate the less discerning. It is interesting the phrase "rabble rouser" is not used anymore and has not been replaced by an equivalent. Please keep exposing the liberal liars.

Philip N

Your excellent article on "progressive radio" (read socialist) was very interesting. However, the main thing that has caused what I call "truth radio" (conservative talk) to grow is that finally the facts are being made available to the working, small business private sector, of the country.

Prior to the advent of Rush, only Bob Grant was available to the citizenry of the N.Y. Metro area. Consequently, the only data that was available to the public was "the networks", the I'd Rathers, Ted Koppouts, Jerkey Jennings and "Mac" Donaldsons of the world.

They advanced the global warming , Co2 , ozone hole, and the "seas are rising rapidly" environmental paranoid tactics with very little accurate data.

Lets take just one large droning mantra of the Socialist Radio Network (Hair America), that Co2 is a greenhouse gas.

#1: Since the 1940's the population of the Earth has doubled from three to six billion. Every one of these humans are exhaling Co2, and making methane as well (don't blame the cows!)

They are also consuming twice the amount of every thing that grows on the planet as well, burning wood for cooking, demanding MORE fossil fuels, which they burn daily, and overfishing the seas.

The amount of erroneous rhetoric that is spewed forth by the socialists is overwhelming to a citizenry that has paid billions for "education" that has made the youth of the country basically ignorant.

On top of that the billion or so paid to "macademia", (academia, has become a bunch of nuts, therefore macademia) to study global warming, it becomes obvious that no institution of "higher learning" would be likely to give up that much grant money if the public were to become aware this was based on no real facts at all, just more data of the same type that got "I'd Rather " in trouble along with "Mapes the Mouth".

So if Mr Franken truly believes this data on global warming he and his ilk can solve the problem by simply ceasing to manufacture "greenhouse gasses" from either end and "save the planet" by the most noble thing anyone who truly has the courage of their own convictions to do, cease to exist.

Professor Obvious

re: air america radio
i will bet you that after bush makes enough people poor, makes enough sons and daughters dead from the iraq invasion, and enough people wake up to the lies of the right wing drug addicts like rush and sex perverts like o'reilly and the felons like liddy-liberal talk radio is going to knock the lies and the hate mongering of the above mentioned straight to hell.

eventually, people who are really in their hearts christians want people uplifted, not dragged down.
i can't wait.

So, after getting your ass run off here in Seattle, you can sit there and
try to trash Progressive Radio?

You should have been a comedian - you make me laugh.

What you've left out of your WND piece is the fact that there are a lot of
lousy conservative radio shows that barely make a blip on the radar. Ed
Shultz and Randi Rhoades are hardly new to the air waves, and they are
picking up steam every week. Sure, they are no where near where Limbaugh
and Hannity are right now, but given time they will be up there.

Yes, there are some posers on Air America, and they will probably go by the
wayside as AAR continues to grow. There are many successful progressive
talk shows out there on a local level that may eventually syndicate to AAR.

Conservatives have been trying to convince us that "liberal radio" will
never work. Apparently they are wrong, because it is working. Don't make
the mistake that just because AAR is not up to the same level as Premiere
right now that they won't eventually get there.

Radio needs the diversity AAR offers. Over 50 million people proved that on
November 2nd.


When it comes to ratings on left-wing newscasts, radio shows, web sites,
etc., I always wonder how much of the audience is made up of their
opponents just keeping an eye or ear on them to be able to counter what
they say. The smaller the audience, the larger an impact on the ratings
that the watchdogs would make ...


Hey Brian
Hope you're weathering the snowstorm this weekend.
It was good to read about the phenomenon of progressive talk radio in your column, 1/22.
A small point on Ed Schultz: he is produced and syndicated by Democracy Radio; while Jones Radio Networks distributes the show.

Ed has been called "an overnight sensation," "the hottest liberal talk show host in the country," and "the 800-pound gorilla of the new progressive talk format." (by Clear Channel).

At least you're targeting the right guy.
(Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments section)


  • Memo to Karin: Are Al Franken and Randi Rhodes (both with substance problems in their respective pasts) examples of "left-wing drug addicts?"

    By Blogger top the charts, at 26 January, 2005 11:57  

  • Top the charts:

    Thanks for your great piece on talk radio at

    These are just the letters I could print, there were others that were just too angry, rambling and/or obscene to include.

    The same people who attacked Rush and others for years now see Air America as some kind of sacred cow.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 26 January, 2005 12:18  

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