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26 January 2005

Former Massachusetts Taxcutter Faces Globe Hatchet Job

Proving my contention that liberals never forgive or forget their enemies, even years later, a Boston Globe columnist launched into seeming character assassination against a pioneering taxcutting activist in Massachusetts. From MassRight:

I fail to find words to encapsulate the depth of my disgust and contempt at the author of this hatchet-job from the Boston Globe.

And "hatchet-job" fails to describe the profound and disturbing depths to which this article sinks in using innuendo and hearsay in attempting to construe that Mr. Hyatt, architect of Prop 2 1/2, is, when all is said and done, a homeless, dirty, paranoid schizophrenic (with religious ideation), in repeated legal trouble, wandering the streets and occasionally posting "bizarrely" to his website.

The more I contemplate the article, the deeper my disturbance. Either this article is an attempt to smear one man in just such a way as he is incapable of striking back (and, with the same brush, smear by construction the entire religious conservative movement as equally crazy, but not showing it yet), or it is yet another kick in a series of kicks at a downtrodden and by even this account, repeatedly ill-used figure.


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