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04 January 2005

Demos Take Predicted Pro-Fraud Stance in Legislature

To nobody's surprise, legislative Democrats tonight are standing by the fraudulent results of the election they stole. This changes nothing as ReVote Washington and its supporters expect this to be a legal battle, not one that can be won in a Demo-controlled legislature:

Despite Republicans' demands for a revote, the Democratic leaders who control the state Legislature say the governor's election is over.

"We are following the rules and we need to live by those rules, and not just call for a do-over because we don't like the results," said Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, D-Spokane, at The Associated Press's Legislative Preview on Tuesday.

Democrats hold a majority in the state House and Senate. On Tuesday they stood firmly behind fellow Democrat and Gov.-elect Christine Gregoire, who beat Republican Dino Rossi by 129 votes after a hand recount of 2.9 million ballots cast. Rossi, who won the first count and a machine recount, has not conceded and may contest the election in court.

On Tuesday, radio stations began running ads paid for by the state Republican party, declaring the governor's election a "certified mess" and urging people to petition the Legislature for a revote.

The ad focuses on a Marine wounded in Fallujah, Tyler Farmer of Everett, who didn't get his ballot until Nov. 3. Republicans have adopted military voters as the poster children for the revote effort, claiming many were wrongly disenfranchised while fighting to defend democracy.


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