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09 January 2005

ReVote WA Rally Coming Tuesday

A critical public Revote Washington rally will held Tuesday, 11 January at the Washington State Capitol in Olympia:

Rally for a Re-Vote!
Bring your friends, family, and neighbors and help us
show that Washingtonians are serious about a revote.
Date: Tuesday, January 11
Time: 10:30 A.M.
Place: State Capitol, Olympia

This is an official activity of the Washington State Republican Party. On the site there are other urgent action items to note.

In the last three days or so I've noticed a spike in traffic to my site originating with online searches for "RevoteWA". I'd like to invite you to leave comments, suggestions and news of other events here to help make this movement more effective. The ReVote WA website is still active but I haven't seen an update there in a few days.


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