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16 January 2005

Seattle Editorial Writers Try to Legitimize Gregoire

No surprise the Seattle media is busy trying to legitimize "Governor" Gregoire with predictable editorials calling for "bipartisan support" (read: give it up GOP) so Gregoire can "move forward".

The excuse given below that it will take months to settle the election dispute is no reason to recognize illegitimate rule.

Christine Gregoire doesn't belong in the position in the first place and needs to be removed from an office she doesn't legitimately hold. Bipartisan always seems to mean caving into the Democrats with this small group of elitists.

(Seattle Times)

In her inaugural address, Gov. Christine Gregoire offered a useful starting point for moving forward amid a still-divisive governor's race. Many challenges facing the state, she said, are neither Democratic nor Republican. They are fiscal and educational.

In the weeks ahead, Gregoire deserves bipartisan support so she and state lawmakers can use their time wisely and do the work they are paid to do. Democrats and Republicans can find common ground on such things as streamlining business permits, assuring government agencies spend money wisely and reducing health-care costs.

Former Sen. Dino Rossi, the Republican candidate, has a right to contest the election, but it could take months for the lawsuit to be settled.


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