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16 January 2005

Taxpayer Funded SUV's Are Just Not Cutting it These Days

Gotta love those public servants, they sure do care how they spend our money. Superintendent Laboy sure is considerate of the various women in high heels getting into his taxpayer-funded car!

(Boston Globe)
LAWRENCE, Mass. --The city school superintendent is drawing fire for billing the economically strapped district for running boards for his city-leased SUV.

Wilfredo T. Laboy, who receives a $600 per month transportation allowance, billed the city $490 for the running boards, saying his wife was having difficulty getting in and out of the vehicle when she was wearing high heels.

"We are a very poor and needy city, and that means we as public officials have to be consistent and careful with how we spend the district's money," School Committee member Amy McGovern said. She is refusing to sign off on the payment.

Laboy, who earns $164,500 a year, said that the running boards are a matter of safety.

"My wife and the other females in my family have difficulty entering and exiting my car, especially when they are dressed up in their heels," Laboy said. "We've existed for the last six months with me giving them a boost, but I didn't want to chance them slipping on the ice."


  • Hmmm, let's see- I have an SUV, it's snowing and icy out, I and my family are out of shape--- I KNOW!!! I'll tell the females to wear high heels! No, wait- that's not practical...I KNOW!!! Running boards! That'll fix everything! Then they can wear their high heels AND I won't have to give them a boost. (That was really wearing on me.)
    And it won't cost me a dime because the city will pay for it. I'll go ahead and get them installed and "explain later."
    I don't know how we've EXSISTED for the last six months without running boards.

    By Blogger The Rebecca, at 21 January, 2005 00:28  

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