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16 January 2005

Arrested For Defending His Family and Residence?

Has this man really been arrested for defending his family, home and property? I'll be watching for additional details in what could become an explosive story:

(Allston-Brighton, Mass Tab)
A would-be robber became a victim of his own crime last week after he was shot in the stomach by a Brighton man he was trying to rob, police said.
Police arrested Sean E. Roisten, 29, of 833 Jette Court, and charged him with unlawful possession of a firearm and assault and battery with a deadly weapon on a robber who was holding Roisten's wife at gunpoint.
The robbery suspect was transported to the hospital for a gunshot wound to the stomach. The suspect is expected to live. Police seized $59.25, three lighters, a set of keys, a box of Newport cigarettes, a tape cassette, a miniature toy gun, steel wool and a glass tube from the suspect. Police also seized a gun shell fragment with human tissue on it that was removed from the suspect.
Police are trying to work through various witness accounts and the crime is currently under investigation.
Roisten told police he was upstairs in his apartment with his wife and 5-year-old daughter waiting for his friend to return from the store with food when he heard a someone at the front door. Roisten called out, but was met with silence, and his wife went downstairs to see who was at the door, police said. When Roisten's wife opened the door, she was greeted by two men in ski masks and one man forced her back up the stairs at gunpoint, police said.
"He's got a gun!" Roisten told police he heard his wife scream as she was pushed up the stairs. Roisten told police he ran up to the third floor, retrieved his silver Smith and Wesson .40 caliber handgun and took cover behind a kitchen wall. When Roisten peeked around the hallway corner, he saw the robber emerge from the stairs holding his wife in a choke hold and pointing a black handgun at her head, police said.


  • That POOR man! To have your life threatened and almost DIE! To have your money confiscated and all your possessions- your keys, your cigarettes and lighters, your cassette tape, your steel wool, your glass tube...your toy gun, no less! There oughta be a law!
    My only advice for that nasty perp Roisten is:
    "Baby, get that gun registered!"

    By Blogger The Rebecca, at 18 January, 2005 19:57  

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