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28 February 2005

Anarchists Get Boston FBI Attention

Apparently Eugene and Seattle aren't the only towns facing problems with anarchists. Authorities in Boston say violent basketcases have now invaded Massachusetts as well.

Are they really new in the area, or were they just discovered by the FBI? They've existed in Washington, Oregon and California for a number of years, most famously taking part in Seattle's 1999 WTO riots.

I have my doubts that these groups suddenly discovered Boston as a place to cause trouble. Perhaps they were simply too far underground to be detected until now.

(Boston Herald)

FBI: Anarchists operating in Hub
Monday, February 28, 2005

ocal Joint Terrorist Task Force investigators are keeping close tabs on a group of anarchists hellbent on creating a classless society - using armed resistance if necessary, the Herald has learned.
Anarchist Black Cross Federation, an organization that FBI Director Robert S. Mueller calls an ``emerging revolutionary group,'' has active members in Boston who have distributed fliers against the war in Iraq, including one that reads: ``Synchronized bombing is a lie. But we can be more precise.''
The flier, released by Anarchist Black Cross Boston, goes on to list the address of Boston Police Headquarters in Roxbury, FBI headquarters in Government Center, the IRS building and a military recruiting center on Summer Street.
There is also a list of corporate sites, including Fidelity, the Gap, Niketown, and Raytheon's Waltham location.
``We are aware of this group, and the flier. The potential victims were notified,'' said FBI spokeswoman Gail Marcienkiewicz.
The group first garnered police attention last summer as Boston police prepared for the Democratic National Convention, said police department spokesman Sgt. Tom Sexton.

(Boston Herald Photo by Mark Garfinkel)


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