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26 February 2005

WA: Nice Poll, But Point Missed

Should Dino Rossi run for Washington Senator Maria Cantwell's seat in 2006? Could he be elected? Yes. Is this missing the point? Yes again.

Courtesy of OrbusMax is a new poll taken by Rasmussen showing 2004 gubernatorial candidate Rossi winning in a head-to-head match-up, 47%-44%.

The same survey shows Rossi with higher positive ratings than either Cantwell or Governor-For-Now Christine Gregoire.

Two issues are apparent here: first, Cantwell is in very big trouble as the incumbent should have much better numbers at this point in the term (and this close to the 2006 election). Cantwell has consistently been less popular than Patty Murray, who coasted to reelection in 2004 against Rep. George Nethercutt, after the latter ran a lousy campaign.

Second, doesn't this survey miss the point? Washington voters intended for Dino Rossi to be their next governor. Tyrant Christine Gregoire used a variety of tactics with help from friends in the right places to take that away from him. Rossi has governor written all over him and the US Senate is a whole different ballgame.

Rossi needs to continue this fight, not get distracted by another campaign. Hopefully there will be a new gubernatorial election ordered for this year which Rossi will win by 5-10 points or more. Only 42% of Washington voters believe Gregoire won the election fair and square, according to the same survey. Wow! That does not bode well for Gov.-For-Now Gregoire.

What the poll really shows is that Cantwell is in deep doo-doo, so the GOP should be lining up a credible candidate and kicking off fundraising efforts, now. Cantwell just never caught on because she has trouble relating to people for reasons unknown. She's even managed to alienate the liberal Seattle media over the years, a tall order for a Democrat.


Friday February 25, 2005--Dino Rossi, the man who narrowly lost the race to be Washington's Governor last November, holds a slight lead over incumbent Senator Maria Cantwell in a hypothetical Election 2006 match-up.

Rossi attracts 47% of the vote to Cantwell's 44%
in a survey of 500 Likely Voters conducted February 22, 2005. The margin of sampling error is +/- 4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Rossi leads by 7 points among men and trails by 1 among women.

A Republican victory in the "Blue State" of Washington would go against the recent trend of Senate elections matching up with the state's Presidential preference.

Overall, Rossi is viewed favorably by 55% of Washington's voters. Cantwell is viewed favorably by 54%.

Governor Christine Gregoire is viewed favorably by 50%, although just 42% believe she legitimately won last November's election. Forty-four percent (44%) believe Rossi was the real winner while 15% don't know who won.


  • Good catch, Brian.

    I might comment on this on my blogs and e-mail you the posts...

    Your blog's simply one of the 5 best (alongside Flag of the World,, Pull on Superman's Cape and Sound Politics).

    By Blogger Josef, at 26 February, 2005 12:58  

  • Ex-Congressman Rick White is tan, fit and rested - and back in town from being the tech industry's super lobbyist down in San Jose.

    Hmm, the last guy to bump off Cantwell shows up JUST when the Senator's numbers tank.

    It will be interesting to note where White starts making appearances...

    By Blogger P Scott Cummins, at 26 February, 2005 13:03  

  • Josef, thanks for the compliment, please do that and feel free to post responses here.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 26 February, 2005 13:19  

  • p scott:

    I agree, Rick White is the perfect person to take on Cantwell. After all, he beat her before, as I recall.

    I was there with White on election night in 1998 when White was defeated, largely because of a third party candidate siphoning off votes. It was not a pleasant evening.

    This may be White's comeback opportunity.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 26 February, 2005 13:24  

  • I'm thinking that you still need therapy, Brian. Your credibility is still in the toilet here in Seattle.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 February, 2005 03:29  

  • Anon, glad to know I'm still getting to you angry, nameless, Seattle liberals. I'll find my own therapist, yours is a bit ineffective.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 28 February, 2005 10:29  

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