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01 February 2005

CO: Governor Calls For Churchill to Resign Entirely

Nice to see a governor with the guts to go after senseless America-bashing on college campuses.

I only wish others would follow Colorado Gov. Bill Owens's lead, particularly Gov. Arnold in California, and begin to tackle this virus nationwide.

It's one thing to criticize America's foreign policy, it's another to proclaim that 9-11 victims were actually getting what they deserved, as Ward Churchill of the University of Colorado did:

(Letter from Gov. Bill Owens, via Free Republic)

No one wants to infringe on Mr. Churchill’s right to express himself. But we are not compelled to accept his pro-terrorist views at state taxpayer subsidy nor under the banner of the University of Colorado. Ward Churchill besmirches the University and the excellent teaching, writing and research of its faculty.

Ideas have consequences, and words have meaning. If there is one lesson that we hope that all Coloradans take from this sad case -- and especially our students -- it is that civility and appropriate conduct are important. Mr. Churchill’s views are not simply anti-American. They are at odds with simple decency, and antagonistic to the beliefs and conduct of civilized people around the world. His views are far outside the mainstream of civil discourse and useful academic work.

His resignation as chairman of the Ethnic Studies Department was a good first step. We hope that he will follow this step by resigning his position on the faculty of the University of Colorado.


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