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14 February 2005

WA: Reed Off the Hook?

Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed is now off the hook as there will be no continuing recall effort against the Republican. That is unless the decision is successfully appealed to the state Supreme Court.

The effort to remove him comes primarily from fellow Republicans, who feel Reed sided with Democrats one too many times during the contested 2004 gubernatorial election.

The real issue is not whether a recall election ever sees the light of day, but if backers have succeeded in proving their point, that Reed has been unfairly accommodating to the corrupt Democrats in Washington State.

I'd say they've accomplished that. Whether Reed gets the message is not clear.

(Seattle Times)

OLYMPIA — A Thurston County Superior Court judge today rejected an attempt to recall Secretary of State Sam Reed.

Martin Ringhofer of Soap Lake, and Linda Jordan of Seattle filed a petition recently seeking to recall Reed.
They argued in the petition that Reed committed "misfeasance or malfeasance" during the election in part because he certified results for the governor's race even though it was an election "he knew was wrought with violations of election laws and regulations."

Jordan argued Reed should not have certified the results. "It is clear to us Mr. Reed knowingly failed to perform his duty," she said.

State law requires a court review to determine if charges against an elected official are serious enough to warrant a recall effort. Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Even said Reed would have had to do something "very, very wrong and do it knowingly" for the recall to move forward.


  • Thank you for the kind words Brian and as a Dinocrat, I do believe SecState Reed should have HELD back certification and enforced his own rules.

    Now obviously, I don't think ALL Democrats are corrupt - but a large, whopping majority of Gregocrats (Dems for Gregoire) ARE. Or at least amoral.

    Sadly, so appears Secretary Reed... or he's just plain lackadasical.

    By Anonymous Josef, at 15 February, 2005 00:38  


    The “Recall Reed” team today filed a Motion for Reconsideration of the opinion handed down by Thurston County Superior Court Judge Chris Wickham in the recall of Secretary of State Sam Reed. All nine charges were rejected by Judge Wickham on February 14 for failing to meet either one or both of the legal and factual sufficiency requirements of the state’s recall statute.

    The Motion for Reconsideration is an optional step in the recall statute. Instead of immediately appealing the decision to the Supreme Court, the petitioners have requested Judge Wickham to review his February 14 decision based on “manifest error”. We argue that he showed a complete disregard for controlling law and credible evidence in the record when he failed to find that the recall charges were legally and factually sufficient.

    In addition, the “Recall Reed” team has also presented additional case law and new facts that, despite the diligence of the team, did not come to its attention until after Judge Wickham’s February 14, 2005 ruling.

    A favorable ruling, based on the motion, would allow the recall petition to move forward with a signature-gathering drive to collect 600,000 valid signatures to remove Secretary of State Sam Reed from office.

    The recall was filed against Secretary of State Reed by Martin Ringhofer and Linda Jordan, who have charged the Secretary of State with malfeasance and misfeasance in office, and violating his oath of office in the conduct of the 2004 election. Cited in one of the charges, for example, as Washington’s chief election officer, Secretary of State Reed’s foremost duty during the election was to certify the county auditor’s certification of vote tally from each of the 39 counties. By law, he does not have the option of accepting incomplete certifications. Yet, he did, which precipitated the “raging” controversy of the 2004 election.

    By Blogger recallreed blog, at 24 February, 2005 10:46  

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