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08 February 2005

WA: Rossi: I Almost Threw in the Towel on Election Challenge

Republican Dino Rossi admitted during a Monday press conference that he came close to throwing in the towel on his challenge to the stolen November Washington gubernatorial election.

If the Chelan County judge hadn't ruled the trial could proceed, sending it instead to the Democrat-controlled legislature, Rossi says he would have called it quits at that point.

More importantly, he said that if the judge nullifies the election, removing Gregoire and installing him instead, he might have to resign to work with the legislature on what to do next.

Should Rossi be making these admissions to a hostile liberal Seattle press? No.

While this case is making its way through the courts I think Dino should say as little as possible. Let the GOP, bloggers and talk radio keep the PR effort going strong in the meantime.

Much worse than Rossi's minor transgression is state Demo spokesperson Kirstin Brost's ongoing asinine comments that only serve to reinforce Christine Gregoire's image as a nasty trial lawyer-type with similar mean-spirited underlings surrounding her.

But a Democrat Party foolish enough to let Howard Dean run it probably isn't smart enough to keep its trap shut and avoid aggravating the public on the election challenge matter.

Remember, the polls aren't going their way on this issue and that doesn't seem to be changing with time. A majority of Washingtonians believe the election was stolen and that Gregoire is not a legitimate governor.

(Seattle Times- AP- Rebecca Cook)

Dino Rossi was almost ready to throw in the towel, the Republican candidate for governor told reporters at a news conference today.

If a judge had ruled last Friday that Rossi's legal challenge to Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire's election had to go through the Legislature and not the courts, Rossi said he might have given up.

But the judge ruled the Republican's case could proceed. Today, Rossi said he hopes his election challenge will go to trial within a month.

"We'll be able to get to the bottom of these problems with the election," Rossi said. "I believe we have more than enough evidence to show, really, that we'll never know who won this election."

Democrats said the Republican's election challenge will probably take longer than that, quoting a December letter from Rossi saying an election challenge could stretch for months and would cause the state to suffer through a long, drawn-out process.

"Does he think it's worth it to put the state through this?" asked Democratic Party spokeswoman Kirstin Brost.


  • a) Before I continue any further, I want to note that "Flag of the World" linked to you HERE and I'm just following that link :-).

    b) Although I concur w/ you on just about everything else - and just posted a comment THERE to such effect - I wonder why you think Rossi shouldn't be out in the public more... I personally would have him give a daily message to remind folks and have him in the courtroom.

    By Blogger Josef, at 08 February, 2005 10:36  

  • Josef, thanks, looks like I did ruffle a few feathers with this comment today.

    I do think Rossi should be very, very careful what he says during the election challenge. He doesn't want to reveal anything about his sentiments that might influence the judge.

    Secondly, he doesn't want to give ammo to the other side accidently, encourage the press to make it sound like he's giving up, or take the wind out of supporters' sails by mistake. A time for caution.

    Let others keep up the PR battle while Rossi steps back a bit, at least for now.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 08 February, 2005 18:50  

  • 1) Okay, Brian. You're right, I concede.

    Besides WE got Mary "Marummy" Lane* - need I say more???

    *The AP's David Ammons explains the call-sign best:

    LANE'S LEGIONS: On conservative web logs, admiration for Dino Rossi's spitfire of a spokeswoman, Mary Lane, runs high. They even have a fond nickname for her, inspired by Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld: Secretary of Defense Marummy Lane.
    [I came up w/ it.]

    2) Oh, and congrats for Sound Politics picking up on your work on the talk radio scam :-).

    On that note, and maybe I'm going nuts, but does this smell like Nazism and Hitler, as in when the mentally disabled guy was blamed for burning the Reichstag??? It does to this amateur historian, who did some more research this morning on Google. - Infoplease's article on the matter. - Wikipedia's much better article on the matter and has the emergency document Hitler signed as the Reichstag smoldered.

    Finally, is about modern usage of "The Reichstag Gambit"

    I'm thinking about making a blog entry about this... all I'm waiting for is the thud of something to restrict our civil liberties. I'm holding my breath - because Gregoire is NO civil libertarian.

    By Blogger Josef, at 09 February, 2005 11:50  

  • Yes, Josef, a big omission on my part there. Of course Mary Lane should oversee the PR effort, that's her job.

    Lane has a sound strategic and tactical approach to this effort, I've noticed, where Brost is just a nasty attack dog. Lane helps the GOP where Brost is a liability to the Dems. Brost reminds me of the partisan goons I used to tangle with from Senator Harry Reid's office.

    Josef, will you please put a link here to whatever new post you write about this subject?


    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 09 February, 2005 13:50  

  • Sure, HERE is my research on the matter. But be forewarned Brian: Each of my hyperlinks opens in a new window, as per my blog procedure.

    I hope my research opens up some doors... and I don't sound TOO nutty.

    And thanks for the nice words about my friend :-). I'm certain she'll appreciate your support.

    By Blogger Josef, at 09 February, 2005 15:09  

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