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11 February 2005

WA: Gregoire's Inner Circle Full of Fellow Lawyers

(Today brings limited posting while I take care of a major computer meltdown. Watch for several significant pieces when I'm back to full speed.)

David Postman of the Seattle Times brings a rare examination of the inner circle propping up supposed-Governor Christine Gregoire. Guess what? No surprise, it's made up of lawyers like Jenny Durkan.

These aren't just any run of the mill attorneys, but the elite old guard of Downtown Seattle's legal community, joined at the hip with the Democrat Party machine that dominates local politics.

Anybody in Washington State still confused about who's in charge?

Three words: Seattle elitist lawyers.

(David Postman- Seattle Times)

When Christine Gregoire needs an attorney, she turns to Jenny Durkan, a Seattle attorney popular among the prominent and the political who find themselves entangled with the law.
But Durkan is also friend, confidante and political counselor to Gregoire. It's a bond formed during Gregoire's 12 years as attorney general, when, as the state's chief attorney, she needed a private lawyer to avoid any conflict between her public and private lives.

With Gregoire's election as governor facing an unprecedented trial and Republicans trying to remove her from office, it is Durkan again who argues for Gregoire in court.

Not officially. Gregoire is not a party to the lawsuit filed by Republican candidate Dino Rossi and other party members, something she is quick to say when asked about her involvement in the case. And this time, Durkan is working for the Democratic Party, not Gregoire.

But there's no question that when Durkan stands up in Chelan County Superior Court or plots strategy with the Democratic legal team, she's there for Gregoire.


  • So, you forget about the death threat crap?

    Sound Politics is just having a f-i-e-l-d d-a-y over Gregoire's Reichstag Gambit...

    By Blogger Josef, at 11 February, 2005 23:21  

  • I wish you were still on KIRO, Brian. That station has sure taken a hard turn to the left with the addition of Alan Prell in the morning.

    I used to think Dave Ross was fairly moderate, but he also seems to have taken a sharp left turn in the last 2 years.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 February, 2005 19:10  

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