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08 February 2005

What's Behind New Cosby Allegations?

I'm always as fascinated as any blogger about how visitors reach the site. We get a quite limited amount of general information about from where people are arriving.

In recent days, The Radio Equalizer- Brian Maloney has received a large number of hits based on Google searches of the topic "Cosby Allegations" or some variation thereof, from people all the world.

I couldn't figure out why, as the story had temporarily faded from the headlines. What did they know that I didn't?

Then tonight, sure enough, new accusations are made by a woman claiming that Cosby mistreated her 30 years ago:

(Kansas City Star - Knight Ridder Newspapers)

(KRT) - A California lawyer says she has told Montgomery County, Pa., investigators who are probing sex allegations against Bill Cosby that the entertainer drugged her and tried to force himself on her about 30 years ago.

Tamara Green, a longtime criminal and civil lawyer and former fashion model, said she decided to tell her story after Cosby's lawyer and the Montgomery County district attorney publicly cast doubt on a former Temple University women's basketball executive's allegations that Cosby drugged and groped her at his Elkins Park, Pa., mansion last year.

"I realize that him doing it to me 30 years ago doesn't prove he did it to this girl today, but when I heard the circumstances, I felt compelled to call up and say, 'He did exactly the same thing to me,'" said Green, 57, in a phone interview from her Ventura, Calif., home.

"Do I want everybody to know that he had his dirty paws all over me? No," she said.

"But I don't think it's right that they're going to disregard this woman and her allegations. I feel like they should look into it more seriously than I thought they were going to."

I don't want to be in the position to doubt these women necessarily, their accusations should be taken very seriously. But the conspiracy theorist in me wonders about the timing, just months after Cosby's recent controversial statements about social and economic conditions inside inner city black areas.

Has he been groping and manhandling women all these years, or is some other agenda at work here? I just can't say.


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