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14 October 2005

Friday Moonbattery


Al Livens The Party, Randi's Suit, Host Afraid Of Israel

From New York socialite phoniness, I don't suppose we should expect much honesty. Al Franken's dinnermates, however, sure were happy to hand over a free pass at this pol-laden Empire State Pride Agenda event:

At the ESPA event, Al Franken, the Air America founder known for his bookish wit, gave the evening’s most moving speech, describing how some of the elected officials most strongly opposing gay marriage in Massachusetts dropped their fight after meeting actual couples and their children.

They came to see, he said, that continuing their battle against that state’s high court ruling would only leave them with a legacy of political embarrassment.

Franken also took on former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich—asking, “Don’t you want for gay couples what you had with your first wife; that sense of commitment you had with your second wife; that bond of fidelity you had with your third wife”—Fox TV’s Bill O’Reilly, for the recent flap over allegations that he made unwelcome phone sex calls to a female employee, and the nation’s leading conservative radio jock, saying if one were to slice out every passage of the Bible in which Jesus talks of the poor with an exacto knife, it would make “the perfect box for smuggling Rush Limbaugh’s drugs.”

This "bookish wit" happens to come from Franken's large support staff, that's where the heavy lifting originates.

As for the attacks on Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Gingrich, at least none of them stood by as an inner-city Boys & Girls Club was raided to the tune of $875,000 to support a financially dubious radio operation.

When liberals loot, it's morally justifiable?

And when it comes to the drug issue, Franken might want to put a lid on the topic until one of his on-air co-workers checks into rehab.

"Morning Sedition" host Marc Maron admits he's afraid to discuss Israel, a key talk radio topic, saying he's not sure of his own views:

As far as the debate over the Middle East goes, Maron says he and Air America tend to avoid the subject. “We get flak for not talking about Israel,” he says. “It’s a Pandora’s box. In terms of my own feelings, I’m on the fence about what I feel is right and wrong about Israel.”

Today Maron divides his time between homes in New York and Los Angeles. He is married to a woman named Mishna Wolff, but –– surprise, surprise –– despite the name, she isn’t Jewish.

It's not a Pandora's Box, Marc, it's called having the backbone to state and defend your views. Or is the real problem that your opinions don't fit with Air America's?

While the story claims "Morning Sedition" has a growing audience, it's actually the most troubled of Air America's floundering lineup. With double-digit audience losses this year, some stations have already yanked the program.

No doubt a fear of stating opinions isn't helping Maron's ratings situation.

A full-scale Ess Eff Moonbat Alert:

On Thursday, October 13, 2005, is sponsoring a "Bush Battle" fundraiser from 8:00 to midnight at Cellspace, 2050 Bryant St, San Francisco, (415) 648-7562), a funky 10,000 square foot interior where arts and media classes are held, and SF artists' talents showcased.

"Bush Battle" hip-hop artists will bend music into protest, grab- bing a phrase or a quote from "Bush Crime Family" members and rapping about it.

They may lay down beats using Bill Bennett's recent Oops on his "Morning in America" radio show, ".. abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down"

Or, Rumsfeld's slam on his critics: "These people stand up and fuss at the United States because there's a baby in the street who was killed by something."

Or, Lady Bountiful Barbara feeling the pain of Katrina victims: "The people in the (Astrodome) arena here...were underprivileged anyway, so ...this is working very well for them."

Emperor Bush himself and his vow to "rid the world of evil doers," may be the delicious raw material for the creative extrapolations of such Bay Area artists as unbelievable rappers, Spencer The Speaker and Wiseproof, who just came out with a new CD.

World Cant Wait's "Bush Battle" rap event has two objectives.

The first is to raise funds for an Air America Radio ad announcing a massive national day of resistance on November 2, the first anniversary of Bush's re-election.

And you think an Air America ad will create a large turnout?

Yes, Randi was sued and she can't stop blabbing about it. Stay tuned for a full report. This was just an annoying tease.

Conservative talker Cam Edwards is getting a lot of well-deserved attention for catching Mike Wallace in the act. From NRO's Media Blog:

After Cam Edwards found out that Mike Wallace from "60 Minutes" had appeared at a fundraiser for the pro-gun control Brady Center, he asked CBS News Public Eye blogger Vaughn Ververs whether he thought that was appropriate and whether Wallace would be covering the gun-control debate in the future.

Well done, Cam!

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Franken/Lies and Avoids by David A Lunde, Lying Liars cover by Marchand Chronicles

Robbin' Da Hood by Pete at IHillary.


  • And the Air America obsession continues -- as does the hypcorisy of writing nonstop about AA while simultaneously saying that AA is too small to matter. It's one or the other Brian...

    By Blogger Justin, at 14 October, 2005 12:56  

  • Maron says: "In terms of my own feelings, I’m on the fence about what I feel is right and wrong about Israel.”

    Brian writes: "Marc, it's called having the backbone to state and defend your views."

    Brian -- Maron is saying that he hasn't solidified his views on the issue. Why do you automatically assume that his "opinions don't fit with Air America's"? Just more unfounded assumptions based on little more than your own biases.

    By Blogger Justin, at 14 October, 2005 12:59  

  • Justin, the worst kind of talk show host is one afraid to take a stand on important issues.

    I've more respect for someone who articulates a stance I disagree with, than a person who avoids key topics. There's no room for this in talk radio.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 14 October, 2005 14:30  

  • Brian,

    He didn't say he was "afraid" to take a stand. He said that he hadn't yet formulated his stand. Would you prefer he make up a solid position in order to create better talk radio?

    By Blogger Justin, at 14 October, 2005 15:20  

  • Justin, my problem is that Air America muddies the waters so to speak. What I mean is that I think Franken and his ilk draw the dems and progressives in stupid destructive ways. They're so vocal that the democrats seem to think they need pander to them yet Franken and Friend's point of views may drive more moderates away from the democrats.(Which is a big fear I have since while I like alot of the things democrats stand for, like stem cell research, I don't think I'll actually get them because of people like him.) That's my worry, he's not important yet democrats may think he is.

    By Blogger Big D, at 14 October, 2005 19:21  

  • David D said: “Justin, my problem is that Air America muddies the waters so to speak. What I mean is that I think Franken and his ilk draw the dems and progressives in stupid destructive ways.”

    It’s been awhile sine I’ve visited this Blog and it turns out to much like day time SOAP’S. You can leave them for weeks and within 5 minutes of tuning back in your up to speed.

    That the essence of “THE ONE TRICK BALONEY” BLOG.

    But that’s not why I’m replying to you Mr. DD. I’m sure that your good close pals like Rush (way to many to list) L, Sean (Oh my God he wants to save a dead person, Terri S) H, Bill (trying like crazy to catch up with Rush and did you know yesterday was the 1st anniversary of his little law suit, remember that HUSH UP JOB) O’Reilly and all of FOX, Bill (kill the black babies) Bennett, Ann (NY’er are COWARDS) Coulter, James (the Sponge Bob Square Pants guy) Dobson and the list goes on doesn’t do the same for the right?

    He’s just one voice, most of us on the left know and understand that and we can MAKE UP OUR OWN MINDS. Unlike you, we don’t need any of the above to do our thinking.

    Time to switch.

    By Blogger mick, at 14 October, 2005 20:09  

  • It always amazes me how someone like Mick can read one reply and deduce exactly my point of view. Of course you're utter wrong, no big surprise there. My slanting is libertarian to be blunt. So for example I'm pro embryonic stem cell, thought they should have left Terry alone, pro choice, pro gay marriage just to name a few of my positions. My problem is that even when I agree with end point of view that Franken has he often has terrible, counter productive reasoning to get there. Then of course there are the times where I think he is flat out wrong.(Minimum wage for one. From my understand of economics minimum wage is largely a waste of time. However what might be useful is to set up a system so poor people can get a decent education so they can get better jobs but that's a whole kettle of fish there.) I suppose my other problem with Franken is much of what we're talking about is opinion yet he approaches it as though things like this are absolute facts.

    By Blogger Big D, at 14 October, 2005 20:30  

  • Mr. Dave D,

    Yea, Yea use the old “I’m a Libertarian” BS. It’s funny how you “Libertarians” don’t ever seem to disagree with the republicans. Why is that.

    Do you mind selling America to China (Called debt).

    Look what Bush is doing to New Orleans with his Prevailing Wage order, that sure helps the folks that need it the most.

    The prescription drug plan is surly going to help the seniors that need it the most, right.

    The bankruptcy law that is due to go into effect . . . who does that help again?

    There is a new Credit Card law too but it just kinda went on through. But watch your rates they ain’t going down.

    The energy bill just recent passed and SIGNED into law by BUSH how’s that working out for you.

    I could go on but what’s the point you’re a “Libertarian” and none of this matters. You need to keep an eye on old Al Franken cause he’s saying stuff. Give me a break.

    I need to get a drink this is making me sick. But do write soon.

    By Blogger mick, at 14 October, 2005 22:44  

  • I just got my XM radio and can't wait to listen to Marc Maron and Mark Riley on Morning Sedition starting next Monday.

    By Blogger WHT, at 15 October, 2005 01:02  

  • That would then mean you probably have no life whatsoever, WHT.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 15 October, 2005 03:59  

  • Never disagree with republicans? Ok lets run some more I haven't touched on. Pro separation church and state because I'm an atheist. Pro marijuana legalization becuase of all drugs it has little affect on society. I think the government should have programs to make sure there's universal health care and universal college and/or universal trade education.(Mostly because done correctly those programs could pay for themselves.) Those to me don't sound like republican position.(Well ok, Massachusetts republican position but that's my state.) My position is government should not interfere with what I do if it doesn't affect anyone else. Also if it seems like the government could help the people and this help would actually make money in the end(the reason behind health care and education) then the gov should do it.

    As for selling off China you must have missed it. Both the democrats and republicans do that. Also what do you mean by sell off? If you mean outsourcing that's an international trade thing, about the only thing you can do is enact tarrifs which always seem to have side effects.

    That's what I don't like about you liberals. You talk about minimum wage yet the economic theories about it say it usually doesn't work.(Go ahead, take a course in macro economics. Stuff like trade, minimum wage, and other things you've talked about are mentioned there.) As for energy policy hell I'm pro hydrogen but unlike a liberals I actually get why hydrogen makes sense. I never said I agreed with the president about that so surprise surpise, another anti-republican position from me.

    By Blogger Big D, at 15 October, 2005 06:40  

  • That would then mean you probably have no life whatsoever, WHT.

    Welcome to the club, sailor.

    By Blogger WHT, at 15 October, 2005 17:23  

  • Is thater you ab?

    By Blogger half, at 16 October, 2005 05:38  

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