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17 October 2005

Monday Roundup


Oblivious Candidate, Plus: Savage's Son Takes Hit

Scaling new heights of liberal hypocrisy, New York City mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer told an Air America Radio audience Mayor Mike Bloomberg's charitable contributions are politically motivated.

According to the New York Daily News, Ferrer called the mayor's stunning $139 million in 2004 personal charitable donations "strategic", designed to shore up voting constituencies.

From Michael Saul's story:

Mayor Bloomberg's charitable donations have risen astronomically in recent years - prompting Democratic challenger Fernando Ferrer to suggest Hizzoner's philanthropy may be politically motivated.

The billionaire mayor donated about $26.6 million in 1997, when he was still a relatively low-profile media mogul - compared with the more than $139 million he gave last year.

"It doesn't surprise me," Ferrer said in an interview late last week, when asked about polls that have him nearly 30 percentage points behind the mayor.

"Mike Bloomberg has spent nearly $50 million that he's reported [on the campaign] and all those other strategic charitable contributions," he told Air America Radio.

Of all the places to question contributions to charities, Ferrer chooses Air America?

And somehow he has nothing to say about the ongoing Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club investigation, where $875,000 in taxpayer funds were apparently diverted to the liberal radio network?

The Air America elephant Ferrer refuses to see is in the room and certainly no Republican. Why not take the opportunity to speak out against this sleazy fraud, which cost Bronx schoolchildren a number of afterschool programs?

He could easily call attention to the Department Of Investigation's effort to obtain answers about Air America's Gloria Wise link.

Adding to the irony: Ferrer's from the Bronx. Why isn't he screaming bloody murder over what happened?

This type of inconsistency might help explain his 30-point poll deficit a lot better than blaming Mayor Bloomberg for giving too much money to charity.

Ever tried a Rock Star energy drink? If so, you probably didn't realize it's owned by talk show host Michael Savage's son, Russell Goldencloud Weiner.

That's precisely the connection that got Rock Star pulled from the shelves of an Oregon-based hippie grocery store.

While it took the New York Times ages to cover Air America's scandal, it didn't miss a beat here:

ENERGY CRISIS The owner of a Portland, Ore., grocery chain has removed Rockstar energy drinks from the shelves.

The founder of Rockstar, Russell Goldencloud Weiner, is the son of Michael Savage, the perpetually enraged talk radio host.

Brian Rohter, owner of New Seasons Market, told The Portland Oregonian that Mr. Savage did "his best to take apart the fabric of our society and to attack American values."

In 2003, MSNBC fired Mr. Savage after he told a caller he assumed was gay to "get AIDS and die." He continues to employ a similar tone on his syndicated radio show.

On, Mr. Weiner talks about his father's experience as an "herbalist" and claims his caffeine-loaded beverage is "the perfect balance of vitamins and herbs."

Major ingredients are high-fructose corn syrup and glucose.

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  • Yeah, pull the caffeine drink off the selves because you don't like dads politics, but I'll bet the Hemptain Crunch and PotTarts are still on the shelf.

    By Blogger Owen, at 18 October, 2005 00:50  

  • It's a free country, and New Market is free to do what it wants, but pulling a product because you don't like something the company founder's father said seems rather low to me. Family ought to be off limits.

    By Blogger Nathan, at 18 October, 2005 02:58  

  • Got to agree with you Nathan. If the fellow running the market doesn't want to sell a product that's his right. However if the reason he's doing that is he's punishing a person for the actions of his relative sounds weird from a social justice point of view.(It's not right when either side does it.)

    By Blogger Big D, at 18 October, 2005 11:29  

  • Being as I actually LIVE in the area, I can give an insight.

    New Seasons Markets are the higher end of the natural food market. The lower end is covered by Wild Oats. New Seasons profits in the last 2 years have been down considerably.

    Yes, it is the free market and he does have the ability to pull the item off the market. The problem is pulling the item off the shelf because of something the productmaker's father said.

    New Seasons will still be stable in their core audience, but they may send some of the nomadic shoppers to Wild Oats or Trader Joes.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 18 October, 2005 12:44  

  • Sailor, so is really pulling it off because he knows his regulars won't buy it? I mean I can't blame the guy if he's just trying to stay in business and you do need to know your customers.

    By Blogger Big D, at 18 October, 2005 17:15  

  • See, Dave, what my statement says is that the nomadic buyers (those that come in out of convenience, rather than out of regularity) would probably go somewhere else. However, this does have a lesser effect in that a lesser ratio may move over and become regulars of New Seasons market.

    The grocery market, especially for a niche, is driven by the nomadic/convienience shoppers.

    Another thing to think about, though, is that Rockstar doesn't sell all that well at natural food stores.

    It does, however, sell best at stores near a college campus. And the only New Seasons store that even seems close to a college campus is one near 19th and Division, close to Reed College. However, this might not really mean much, since Wild Oats is down the street at 30th and Division (it is, in fact, closer than New Seasons).

    Who will win out? That is to be determined. However, not all publicity garnered becomes a money generator. Hell, Air America has said controversial things...and it has not been able to sell good advertising.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 18 October, 2005 19:16  

  • Sailor, thanks for getting back to me. Interesting to hear this actual.(I admit it, I never worked for a convience store so I've got so many misconceptions about them.) What you say does make sense though. Anyway again thanks for writing back.

    By Blogger Big D, at 19 October, 2005 09:33  

  • Russell Goldencloud Weiner???


    Moon Unit Zappa...
    Zowie Bowie...

    Must have named the poor child in his liberal days!!!

    By Blogger Boghie, at 19 October, 2005 20:36  

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