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18 October 2005

RCP Using AAR Ads To Push Bush Ousting


Revolutionary Communist Party Funds Air America

Now that Air America's chased away nearly every potential corporate advertiser, isn't it fitting the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) has emerged as a key sponsorship source?

Don't take the Radio Equalizer's word for it, here it is, straight from Pravda (or Revolution, as the party's publication is now called, formerly Revolutionary Worker):

Revolution talked with Debra Sweet, National Coordinator of World Can’t Wait--Drive Out the Bush Regime, about building for November 2, National Day of Resistance.

We’ve been hearing of significant new developments in building for Nov. 2, such as important new signatories to the Call, ads on the Air America radio network, and an encampment at the White House. Tell us what’s going on..

Debra Sweet: Since July we’ve distributed three and a half million copies of our Call hand-to-hand. Recently important cultural figures and people of social conscience have been signing on, including Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, Studs Terkel, Tom Morello, and Howard Zinn.

Two members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have signed. Things are really connecting.

On October 14 we began an encampment in front of the White House that is going to continue till November 2, to represent the fact that a movement to drive out the Bush regime is being launched on November 2.

Every day at noon, the encampment will deliver a counter-press briefing on the news coming out of the White House, turning all the outrages coming from Bush into more and more reasons to drive out the regime. We think it would be very good for people to join the encampment.

We’re calling for different days--for instance, people from various religious communities are coming for No Theocracy Day, Tuesday the 18th and Wednesday the 19th. We had a No Genocide Day at the Millions More march, exposing Bush’s crimes around Katrina. We want to have a No Forced Motherhood Day, calling on people from the pro-choice movement. Information on the days will be on our web site as they develop.

R: Travis Morales was on a Chicago Spanish station, linking Nov. 2 with protests against the Minutemen vigilantes. And on, people can get audio files of an interview by Air America’s Mike Malloy with Sunsara Taylor talking about the urgency of driving out the Bush regime, starting November 2nd. You’re also running ads on the Air America radio network. What kind of response are you getting?.

DS: We’ve tapped into something in the Air America audience of about 5 million. After running ads on Air America nationally for only two days, we increased traffic on our web site about 800 percent, got many more people to sign the Call, and raised a significant amount of money.

We’ve expanded the number of cities where events are going to take place on November 2. We’ve heard from sections of the country where we would not have reached without the ads. For instance, there’s a whole group of people in south Florida who are now organizing around Fort Lauderdale for November 2. This is Broward county, where in 2000 people actually saw an election stolen from under them.

Here, it's explained World Can't Wait is a thinly-disguised Revolutionary Communist Party activist movement. Nice to know they also have Malloy's on-air support in addition to the paid advertising.

The RCP's stated philosophy is to promote an ideology of "Marxism-Leninism-Maoism". The above image comes from their website manifesto.

Of greater concern is how exactly these communist organizers intend to "drive out the Bush regime". Since some have ties to 1999's notorious Seattle WTO riots, will they quickly resort to property destruction, or even extreme violence?

And again illustrating why the East Bay may be America's most radical leftist stronghold, Oakland public school teachers have apparently voted to support these upcoming events.

For Air America, if the revenue situation is really this dire, it's probably hard to turn away RCP ad money. One shouldn't expect mainstream corporate advertisers to associate themselves with this kind of programming, however.

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  • I heard that interview on Malloy. Somehow I missed the outrageousness of the commercial. I wonder if Pendejo was somehow involved,

    By Blogger WHT, at 18 October, 2005 01:55  

  • Ironically enough, from Franken's days on Saturday Night Live:

    (DON PARDO):"Al & Tom will be right back after this message. "The Franken & Davis Show" is brought to you by the International Communist Party: Sooner or later, you'll be Communist. And now.. here's Al & Tom!"

    And in another show: "Brought to you by the International Community Party. We're working for YOU
    in Africa."

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 18 October, 2005 03:23  

  • New Arbitron ratings:

    Air America affiliates gain market share in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

    By Blogger Justin, at 18 October, 2005 07:30  

  • More accuratly, they're making up ground they already lost.

    In NYC(WLIB), they're back to a 1.2 which they had in Winter 04, which is still lower than their Summer 04 rating of 1.4.

    LA (WTLK) went up from 0.8 to 0.9. If this is AAR's biggest success story, they're in trouble.

    Chi (WCPT) up to 0.7. Still a LONG way to go.

    Nassau (WLIB) went from being one of their bigger "successes" (1.4) to one of their biggest losers (0.8).

    By Blogger BF, at 18 October, 2005 08:41  

  • Bryan,

    And the Middlesex-Somerset-Union, NJ #s went from a 0.4 to a 0.9.

    My point isn't that these numbers are great. However, the accross-the-board increase (small though it may be) likely will help AAR get additional advertisers, thus further staving off the impending doom that Maloney has been predicting for so long in this space. Also, I figured that someone should point out these ratings, since Maloney so far has ignored them (although he has posted something else on AAR since they were released).

    By Blogger Justin, at 18 October, 2005 10:27  

  • Not quite, Justin.

    Advertisers don't find the audience needed on AAR. The advertisers cannot rely on low numbers to bring in their business.

    That's the reason they're staying away, except in Portland, OR.

    Anything else is just pie in the sky thinking.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 18 October, 2005 12:38  

  • Justin -

    Advertisements are placed by BUSINESSES to advertise their products and services. They are not PA spots, they are there to reach a targeted audience with your product.

    Other than Celestial Seasonings tea - who would the listeners that AAR has appeal to?

    Most BUSINESSES will run a mile from being yoked with the American Communist Party. It's bad for BUSINESS and alienates customers.

    Ironically, the smaller rating were probably GOOD for those who did advertise.

    Speaking of which - any kind of Trader Joe's Buy Blue type list we can look at as far as who DOES advertise? I don't want to slander Celestial Seasonings...

    By Blogger Peter Porcupine, at 18 October, 2005 15:45  

  • Peter,

    Are you actually arguing that higher ratings for AAR will equal fewer AAR advertisers? That's not partisan, it's just stupid.

    You may not believe this, but liberals consume many consumer goods, like cars, food, mattresses, television programming, etc. To suggest that AAR listeners are an undesirable target audience makes very little sense. Moreover, advertisers pay the most attention to specific demographics (age, income, etc.) that is not available via the Radio & Records info.

    This is simple math: Ratings increases are good for radio business.

    By Blogger Justin, at 18 October, 2005 16:33  

  • To suggest that AAR listeners are an undesirable target audience makes very little sense. Moreover, advertisers pay the most attention to specific

    That explains why AAR has been running ads for Ester-C, SleepNumber beds, and Ovaltine.

    Cause nothing says "young, hip, and rich" like Ovaltine!

    By Blogger BF, at 18 October, 2005 16:38  

  • Talkradio isn't generally a "young, hip & rich" audience (at least not young and hip).

    More ratings: AAR up slightly in Boston, San Diego and Akron. Boston numbers also show both conservative talk stations going down, and WBZ (an almost pure newsradio station) regaining its top spot (which I believe Maloney had said would not happen).

    By Blogger Justin, at 18 October, 2005 17:45  

  • "More ratings: Boston up slightly..."

    Post the numbers, or leave.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 18 October, 2005 19:03  

  • Justin's wrong about Boston (0.5 and 0.2). While they look up when compared to Spring 05 (0.4/0.2), they're actually DOWN from the Summer 05 II Book (0.5/0.3).

    Of course, when you only have 14 listeners, any time it looks like you've added 2 listeners it's a party.

    Akron did see an increase (up from not charting at all in Summer 05 II), though they're still at 1.6.

    And San Diego is DOWN to 1.7 from their 2.1 high in Summer II Book.

    Check 'em out yourself at

    By Blogger BF, at 19 October, 2005 08:49  

  • Oops, Akron is at 0.6. The PD at WARF must have thought he'd died and gone to heaven!

    By Blogger BF, at 19 October, 2005 08:51  

  • Bryan,

    I'm comparing quarterly ratings period to quarterlyratings period. The "summer II" book to which you refer is just a trendline, not definative (which is why they get so much less hype).

    Overall, Boston rose from spring to summer. Just by 0.1, as you show, but an increase nonetheless. Overall, therefore, AAR has shown quarterly increases in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego and Akron (it also went up in philly, but lost the affiliate last month).

    By Blogger Justin, at 19 October, 2005 10:50  

  • Communism from 1900-1987, only approximately 110 million dead, hey let's keep it going!
    Go Air America! This is such a positive thing to promote! Hey we support communism! Now shut up, quit trying to shut us down or die!

    By Blogger Calvus, at 19 October, 2005 11:07  

  • My family was starved out of the Ukraine in 1921. Does Justin actually think I am going buy into this silliness? America saved my grandfather's live!

    By Blogger Greg, at 19 October, 2005 12:48  

  • Greg,

    What "silliness" am I asking you to buy into? I'm not advocating communism. I'm only pointing out that AAR ratings increased in the summer Arbitron books. how you conflate the two is beyond me.

    By Blogger Justin, at 19 October, 2005 14:20  

  • Sorry, I didn't know a .5 in the Dallas market was something to be proud of. They maybe small gains, but who wants to advertise on a network that's hostile to free markets? If they bash haliburton one day the potential advertisers business could be the next. Who wants that? Additionally, how do you attract business when one of you A list host is being sued for libel by a business? Also, would be strange for advertiser to hear their spot after one these hosts bizare hateful rants. I was adding to calvus comments.

    By Blogger Greg, at 19 October, 2005 17:29  

  • I can't believe no one caught the most unintentionally funny part of the interview:

    We’ve tapped into something in the Air America audience of about 5 million.

    Maybe we know now who's zoomin' who. If AAR has their advertisers believing that they actually have anywhere near that many people listening to them, perhaps their financial picture will clear right up.

    After first being turned on to this site, I made an Excel spreadsheet charting AAR listenership. Having factored in a few (but not all) of the latest Summer final numbers, and using the 12+ population numbers provided by Arbitron, I have AAR's listenership at just over 1.2 million. Mind you, those numbers don't include any sort of adjustment for stations that only play AAR programming part-time (for example, my chart credits AAR for 147K listeners in Cleveland based on WTAM's 8.2 Spring rating, but I'm guessing that they carry limited AAR programming as part of a larger mix), so that number is clearly inflated. A full precinct-by-precinct recount would probably produce a final tally teetering right around one million.

    By the way, greetings and salutations to all.

    By Blogger Big Daddy Matty, at 21 October, 2005 19:35  

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