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06 February 2006

Odd Super Bowl Analogy, Buffalo, ABC-Citadel


Super Bowl, Rush And Air America?

While the Radio Equalizer doesn't pretend to understand the peculiar world of sports journalism, several re-reads of this Boston Herald Super Bowl report have failed to clear up our confusion:

DETROIT - Perhaps he gave up Rush Limbaugh for Air America. Maybe he traded meat and potatoes for spicy Mexican. That famous jutting jaw soon could be sporting an artistic goatee.

Something got into Steelers coach Bill Cowher last night, and it proved good. Saddled with a legacy of playoff failures, Cowher opened his playbook and returned the Steelers to the top of the NFL.

Eschewing the conservativeness that had become his hallmark, Cowher led Pittsburgh past the Seattle Seahawks, 21-10 in Super Bowl XL, with the help of the trickiest of plays: a 43-yard reverse touchdown pass from wide receiver Antwaan Randle El to MVP Hines Ward.

Fine, we get the joke: it took trying something new to finally pull off a Super Bowl success.

Of all the analogies to use, however! A Franken conversion unlocks the ever-elusive door to victory?

While we don't claim to be NFL experts, Pittsburgh's game yesterday couldn't have looked more meat-and-potatoes, a real Limbaugh-style strategy if there ever was one.

Seeming to understand it can't survive as a purely commercial enterprise, some of Air America's supporters are restructuring it as something a bit closer to public radio.

In Buffalo, that appears to be the way a group of "investors" are establishing liberal programming on a local station, with a sort of public/commerical hybrid.

From the Buffalo Business Journal:

Niagara Independent Media, comprised of nine individuals, has struck a deal with Citadel Broadcasting Co. to program WHLD 1270-AM radio beginning Feb. 13.

One of the investors is Ray Marks, a veteran broadcaster who will co-host a morning program with Alex Blair, who has been executive producer of a labor-supported program, "Prospering in America."

The station, dubbed "The Voice of Reason," will also broadcast the Air America Radio Network, including a program hosted by Al Franken.

In the broadcasting biz, the big news today will be the expected announcement of a deal by Citadel Communications to purchase ABC Radio, coming shortly.

What will it mean for some of America's biggest talk stations? We hope some light will finally be shed on the new company's management structure.

Watch here for an analysis.

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Super Bowl photo: AP


  • isn't ABC Radio also a part of Disney? I thought they owned all of that.

    By Blogger hardcore conservative genious, at 06 February, 2006 16:50  

  • Predictions:

    KGO's huge news department is toast. I could also see that station picking up syndicated libtalk in some dayparts.

    WJR and WBAP will also likely see some news cutbacks, and loss of local talk hours.

    WABC will trim back its local content some more but it won't matter because WOR sucks and nobody in NYC is ready to put a political talker on FM (no, WNYC and WBAI don't count).

    Smaller Citadel markets will be cut to the bone to pay for this deal. Hannity will likely go live on the handful of stations in the group still delaying him (Charleston SC for example -- sayonara Rocky D).

    Any comment on WWKB going non-Air America libtalk, allegedly to cut WHLD off at the legs in BFLO?

    By Blogger smedge, at 06 February, 2006 17:44  

  • It's about time Brian posted some good news. Several Citadel stations carry Air America. This could be a real boom for that great station.

    By Blogger Dick Tuck, at 06 February, 2006 19:19  

  • As of 3PM WWKB is liberal talk. NICE MOVE ENTERCOM!!!!!! The people at Radio-Info are talking about it and in essence they are saying what I said in caps.

    When KB 1520 came back with Oldies, I listened and what an energy with that station.

    By the way WWKB was of course WKBW, one of New York State (and the nation's) biggest Top 40 radio stations. Joey Reynolds, who hosts an overnight talk show on radio, worked at KB Radio back in the day.

    And Dick head--a boom? MORE LIKE A BUST!

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 06 February, 2006 19:23  

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