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16 November 2006

Liberal Talk Radio, Michigan, Ann Arbor


Since Election Day, LibTalk Cancellations Keep Coming

At this point, it's safe to call it a trend.

Today, yet another liberal talk radio station announced it would dump the format, this time in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In just over a week, that brings the count to five, with cancellations spread out across the country.

As talk radio reporter Perry Simon reports, 1290 WLBY will follow the lead of many of the others and adopt a sports format:

Another liberal Talk station bites the dust, this one in ANN ARBOR, where CLEAR CHANNEL jettisons the Talk format of WLBY-A and goes into a stunt starting at 12:01a tomorrow (11/17).

The station will air what it's calling an "all-VICTORS, all the time" format concentrating on the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, with marching band tunes, "MICHIGAN Memories" clips, and sports updates, flooding the frequency with the Maize and Blue in time for SATURDAY's big game against OHIO STATE.

In fact, WLBY's libtalk website has already been removed, but a cached version of it is available from Google, here. And in Michigan, the Detroit News had this to say in its sports section:

Big game report

Ann Arbor station goes all 'Victors', all the time

 So, you love "The Victors". You think it's the greatest college fight song in the history of college fight songs.

 Just how much do you love it? Enough to listen to it for 24 hours?

 You'll get that opportunity beginning at 12:01 a.m. Friday when Ann Arbor Radio's WLBY 1290 AM begins playing "The Victors" and continues to play it and play it and play it some more.

 "With the University of Michigan football team on the verge of another national championship, we expect rabid listenership for The New 1290 WLBY," station general manager Bob Bolak said in a release.

 Bolak said he is not worried about the redundant nature of playing the same song repeatedly.

 " 'The Victors' is the kind of song that you can listen to over and over and never get tired of," Bolak said.

Angelique S. Chengelis

For our previous coverage on the subject, click here.

As always, we'll bring you the latest updates as they emerge.

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  • Pam Atlas wants people to die

    Waddya think, Maloney - a conservative calling for innocents to be murdered by terrorists...newsworthy?

    By Blogger TJ, at 16 November, 2006 16:37  

  • as much as i can't stand you because you try to convince people that your sickeningly one-sided rantings are actually journalism, i feel the need to point out that AAR has actually lost over 20 affiliates in the last two months.

    personally, i don't care about AAR. we got congress back, and that's good enough for me. we never had an AAR affiliate in my small town anyway. we don't get limbaugh here either, so spare your comments about AAR not reaching people. we get it, move on.

    By Blogger hardcore conservative genious, at 16 November, 2006 17:01  

  • The Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor home of the self proclaimed harvard of the midwest Univ of Michigan, cant support a lib talk station? WTF. Next we will hear that Berkley has abandoned the cause. Hehehe

    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 16 November, 2006 17:07  

  • What about New Haven, home to Yale, one of the most elite of liberal colleges? They have WAVZ 1300 The Voice, owned by Clear Channel. Before it was leftist talk, it was sports (Fox Sports), pop standards before that and Top 40 WAY before that.

    If The Voice is silenced, I expect Fox Sports to pick up the slack again.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 16 November, 2006 19:11  

  • It's been hours, Maloney.

    How's that Pam Atlas/Atlas Shrugged blog story coming?

    By Blogger TJ, at 16 November, 2006 19:11  

  • Oh, TJ, you will NEVER see a comment on this blog about the murderous bloodlust of yet another Zionazi.

    It's only ISLAMIC terrorists and MOONBATS that America needs to concern itself with, no?

    Again, (and with much weariness), the artificial figures that the Ann Arbor decision "supposedly" based its decision on has absolutely NOTHING to do with fact, Ann Arbor has one of the heaviest concentrations of college students and young computer-savvy progressives that listen via podcasting, streaming, etc. and have VERY little disposable income to spend, as opposed to the typical sports fan who does listen over the air and, if he does at all, uses his computer for other, err, purposes...

    If management and marketing "gurus" continue to exercise the same time of thought and reasoning processes that the "Eeek-walizer" and other media hacks do and think they are influencing programming choices for the positive, the industry will continue to wallow in the same regressive, ass-backwards mentality that has caused terrestrial radio in general to be decimated and purged of talent, as was witnessed by this week's mass firings EVERYWHERE, not just liberal talk radio or EVEN just talk radio.

    Now let's just watch where the fascist meed-ya lands, when the blade cuts the other way....

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 16 November, 2006 23:22  

  • For those who hate the Maize and Blue, here's a version to sing along with:

    "Hail to those big $#$&suckers,
    Hail to those mother##(%!ers,
    Hail, Hail to Michigan,
    the @$$holes of the world..."

    As to Atlas Juggs: She didn't say anything in her post that hash or HCG or The Strawman haven't said here when in a fit of pique regarding those of the right. And one trip through the DUmmie Funnies will make Atlas Juggs' post look like a recipe for banana pancakes.


    Does that make it right? No. I don't like Tu Quoque, and it gets used far to often around here.

    Should she have done it? Probably not.

    Is her viewpoint indicative of the entire conservative movement? Not by a long shot.

    But is her commentary in that post an easy way for people with limited skills of reasoning to make a feeble attempt to paint with their favorite broad brush? You betcha.

    One question to TJ: If you are so worked up about Atlas Juggs, why don't you get a blog and write about it yourself? Why do you feel it necessary for Equalizer to comment on it?

    By Blogger JD, at 17 November, 2006 02:00  

  • Soon to be 6 affiliates down...Quad Cities Times reports WKBF is dropping AAR.

    By Blogger Christian Talk Quad Cities, at 21 November, 2006 10:27  

  • may not have changed after for libtalk radio comes up and word has it it may have just been a stunt. oh well

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 22 November, 2006 16:53  

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