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02 February 2007

Michael Savage F-Bomb, FCC Indecency Standards


Aired Live: Savage Screams Obscenities At Staffers

*** Exclusive To The Radio Equalizer ***
*** See updates below ***

Could a mistakenly- aired tirade by syndicated radio host Michael Savage cause hundreds of stations to be fined by the FCC for indecency violations?

Kicking off hour three of last night's live broadcast, Savage dropped the "F-bomb" onto unsuspecting affiliates from coast- to- coast.

While some sharp- eared station board operators may have kept the offending words from reaching the airwaves, it's highly likely that most were unable to catch it.

In a Radio Equalizer exclusive, here is the excerpt in question:

While your Radio Equalizer has long been a Savage fan, at the same time, he is known in the industry for having a volatile temper that results in frequent behind- the- scenes turmoil.

As a result of this tirade, stations could face enormous fines. What's going on at the Talk Radio Network that could allow this type of incident to occur?

UPDATE: San Jose Mercury News reporter Brad Kava, who is often critical of Savage, offers his take on this controversy here. Meanwhile, station managers are already showing concern, with Savage's San Francisco affiliate claiming it bleeped the offending words in time to avoid expensive FCC penalties.

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  • let me start by saying that i loathe Savage with every fiber of my being.

    that said, i think it is important to note that the majority of bosses lose their temper at times, and profanities fly. that is nothing new. this sounds like more of a problem with the board-op than Savage personally. everyone does it, not just radio hosts.

    By Blogger hardcore conservative genious, at 02 February, 2007 13:39  

  • As I pointed out, I'm a fan, but this has been an ongoing problem behind the scenes for years. It just hadn't slipped out onto the airwaves in the past.

    It is not typical for hosts to scream at their engineers and producers in this manner.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 02 February, 2007 13:43  

  • Insiders all know that board ops and engineers can sabotage a host by what they allow on the air. Before KFI canned Tom Leykis, Leykis was constantly on his show accusing the board op of opening Leykis' mike early to put out material Leykis didn't intend to air all in an attempt to get rid of him.

    KFI did get rid of him, but not for what he said, but for flat ratings. Leykis maxed out the angry liberal audience in LA and John and Ken came in and took KFI to the next level.

    One of Leykis' board op/producers is working vor MSNBC and another moved to KABC as a talk host.

    I am not excusing Savage.

    By Blogger PCD, at 02 February, 2007 13:57  

  • Savage's engineer is probably a closet liberal trying to sabotage Savage's good name.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 02 February, 2007 15:04  

  • It's a conspiracy against Weiner, obviously.

    Everyone knows what a warm and fuzzy personality and strength of character he possesses.

    Besides, people are around only to be taken advantage of, and abused in the process.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 02 February, 2007 15:13  

  • Well, I didn't tune in last night to Savage over WOR or WSTC/WNLK. I'm glad I didn't in this case.

    hcg, if I may call you that, is right. We ALL lose it now and then, radio or other job. This reminds me of when I was working at WGCH radio, the then news director Jim Thompson, blew his stack one day because of dead air--this didn't go out over the waves mind you.

    I was scared stiff by this while I was in the newsroom. Now I would be afraid thinking, oh great now what? But you know, now that I think about it, one time I lost my temper, not on air with a co-worker who was nothin' but trouble the short time I was there. And I blew up--so loudly--people heard my tantrum. Next day, I got fired!

    If it serves as any justice for me, couple of years ago Thompson got the boot after over a quarter-century with WGCH after he complained about hours.

    Tony Savino, who I used to work with at WSTC/WNLK, is the current News Director at WGCH. Now, if they can get rid of the punk, John Ianuzzi, who was a troublesome S-O-B and get a better Westchester County reporter, maybe I'd consider going back. I found Tony to be professional, a good man, an overall nice guy. This is one time I think Leo Deroscher was wrong!

    I would also agree with pcd--perhaps a board op in San Francisco allowed this to go out over the air. Again, perhaps. Let's see about WSTC/WNLK, which I had applied for a board op job--would I have caught it? Maybe yes, maybe no.

    Like Brian, I've been a Savage fan, but even sometimes there ARE limits. Perhaps he crossed that limit. Remember the blow-up he had at his MSNBC show?

    I may listen to that audio clip later on. Won't comment on it though.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 02 February, 2007 18:32  

  • This attitude is so typical of so-called conservatives.

    They have the homicidal tempers of children, but for some strange reason, seem utterly unable to "play nice with others" in any sort of group setting.

    They throw tantrums and THEN complain when they are terminated, blaming their immaturity on the BOSS!

    Professionals on the job have neither the time nor the patience to have their offices disrupted by this nonsense. The support staff should not have to put up with such divas, and, no, you are NOT entitled to work and be paid, and flout the studio rules just because you are you. Conservative radio hosts (and conservatives on the job in general) have the ultimate welfare mentality!

    Meanwhile, the rest of the place just goes about their business, while the wingnuts backstab and lay blame, never taking responsibility for ANYTHING they do....

    If you examine your employment contract, you will notice that, just as if you were a regular earthly human being, you CAN be fired by losing control or acting. in fascist-speak, "unhinged". There's no need for any other staff member to "target" you personally with any tech glitches when you are out there, being your own worst enemy.

    If your job consists of lying and sowing seeds of discord amongst the public, sooner or later these characteristics will manifest themselves in your own personality.

    Don't take your inability to cope with reality and your projection of unresolved childhood and self-repression issues out on your workmates, and then whine about how hard the workplace is.

    It's not the world's fault you are as effed up as you are.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 02 February, 2007 20:14  

  • Blaming Savage's rant on his conservative views makes as much sense as blaming Gavin Newsom's decision to sleep with his best friend's wife on his liberal worldview.

    Being a jerk and one's political views do not necessarily correlate.

    What time did this happen? I'm the PD of a Savage affiliate and nobody's complained to me. Yet.

    By Blogger Derek, at 03 February, 2007 01:00  

  • I listen to Savage when I can, and it never sounds like he has a relationship with the rest of the team on the show. He loses his cool with the engineers and screeners pretty regularly. I suspect Savage shows up to the show when it's time and leaves right away. He knows what he wants and when he wants it, but I don't think he lets the rest of the team know him.

    By Blogger Lonewatchman, at 03 February, 2007 11:27  

  • Savage is a highly entertaining, self-loathing, petty tyrant. It is obvious he sees himself as "Il Duce" in his studio and has no desire nor feels the need to bond with "the help". Perhaps the board op had enough and realized that he would give the listeners a taste of "Doctor" Weiner on his way out of the door. Regardless, his loyal fans are as myopic and vulgar as he and they won't be the least off put by this "revelation" though it may give a few affiliates pause. I know he makes little money for my former station, particularly since his ratings go into the dumper for the last two hours. But, he's typical of the draft-dodging chickenhawks that love wars they won't ever have to fight and, since that makes up most of the neo-con constituency, he'll always have an audience. AIPAC and Likud will always make sure their public faces have a voice.

    By Blogger Dave Carroll, at 03 February, 2007 15:53  

  • Little Weiner's cynical posture as a conservative is betrayed by his emotional instability; a consistant characteristic of the lefty loon.

    By Blogger Godfrey Daniel, at 04 February, 2007 02:44  

  • "What time did this happen? I'm the PD of a Savage affiliate and nobody's complained to me. Yet."

    Out of curiosity, Derek, which station are you the PD of?

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 04 February, 2007 16:25  

  • I hope he dosen't get thrown off radio for this.

    By Blogger conserativeguy101, at 04 February, 2007 18:28  

  • Patriot World: The phony "Brian" beat me to it. KSSZ-FM, The Eagle 93.9, is in Columbia, Mo., a neat little bastion of liberalism about halfway between St. Louis and K.C. Savage and Boortz do very well for us at night.

    We do only take two hours of Savage. His first hour is preempted for my show.

    By Blogger Derek, at 05 February, 2007 01:33  

  • As someone on the left, I find The Savage Weiner hysterical, he is so unhinged he makes for compelling radio, kind of like a train wreck. The man is obviously frustrated over something (which one could speculate on) His anti-gay rants make it obvious, he is a closet case, who is so frustrated over his love of other men, it drove him to the far far far right, the fascist side. No other host boarders on hate speech (except Turner who calls for murders) as much as Savage. Savage's show is a riot and every week on our internet show we examine the Savage Weiner's latest rants. Savage Weiner is definatly a closet case and probably a boy lover to boot. His marriage and family were done to conform, deep down in his heart he loves other men. There is actualy a picture of him naked with Alan Ginsberg in the 70's. Too funny!
    exposing the right...mocking the right

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 05 February, 2007 09:36  

  • MOP stated about mr savage:
    " The man is obviously frustrated over something (which one could speculate on) "

    I've listened in on him from time to time....and one particular show got me to view mr savage thusly:

    Is he frustrated?? You bet he is.
    He's an educated liberal Demo, who THOUGHT he'd make it within his own party, till the 'race card ' got played on him. He failed for QUOTA. He was passed over for affirmative action.....and that show was a hoot, for it exposed a LOT about mr savage.

    He may TRY to act conservative now, but I doubt he ever was one.
    To me, he's a pissed off lib, who got dissed by his own, thinking he was THE MAN, and was handed his exit papers cause he was:
    a) White;
    b) educated;
    c) not making the race quota.

    Whatever he is, he's NOT a happy camper, and what happened in his past, seems to dictate how he handles his present.

    HE rails at those whom he used to hang with.....he's still one of ' them ', but " them " haven't accepted him back.

    Too funny.

    By Blogger LNaranjoiv, at 05 February, 2007 11:42  

  • Interesting take on Savage, but what exactly did he get passed on? He was never a politican to be, he was a scientist, so he was never excluded from the "liberal party", did he not get a scientific job based on him being white and male and educated? I doubt it, in the science world the degree matters, Savage has degrees in medicine. I doubt he was passed up on any job, becides he is Jewish, and in case you do not know, there is affirmative action quotas for Jewish people (especially in universities, this is easily proven)

    Nice take, but it is not grounded.

    Savage never wanted to be a politican, and there are plenty of white males on the left.
    Only jobsd I know of where race quotas play a big role are civil service jobs, like being a toll booth worker. I doubt a man as educated as him wanted a job like that.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 05 February, 2007 14:41  

  • Obviously, the obscene comment that has now been removed wasn't from me.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 05 February, 2007 14:46  

  • Something similar happened to a sports host in DC some years ago. The guy was upset about acaller whom he thought was playing games with his show, and he said to his board op/producer, "That guy was f---king with me," not realizing that the mike was still on. The station had him stay home for a few days, but he continued to do his show for some years thereafter. I'm sure that Dr. Savage didn't realize that the mike was still on. He undoubtedly thought he was onl talking to the board op.

    By Blogger Tim, at 05 February, 2007 15:31  

  • A similar thing happened to a DC sports host some years ago. He was up[set by a caller and he said to his board op, "That guy was f---king with me," not realizing that the mike was still on. He was off the air for a few days, but went on doing his show on that station and then on another one for several years after the incident. I'm sure that is what happened to Savage.

    By Blogger Tim, at 05 February, 2007 15:33  


    Weiner is contimplating running for president. WOW, his ego is as big as Mark Lefem

    By Blogger USOFUKINSTUPID, at 05 February, 2007 20:21  

  • It did not air in Houston, thanks to our sharp board-op, James Simpson.

    By Blogger HouRadiogirl, at 05 March, 2007 18:47  

  • Don't let's blame the man, when his technicians acted more clueless than Rosie O'Donnell and Joy Behar. His frustration is understandable and was compounded by technicians who put him back on the air too soon coming from a commercial break.
    I heard the exchange on my local Savage Nation affiliate and had no problem with that whatsoever.
    Technicians need to know how to operate the equipment properly in the first place...or else it's back to flipping burgers at Jack In The Box or Sonic for minimum wage for the incompetents.

    By Blogger (SR71)Atomica, at 25 November, 2007 02:39  

  • I am in no way surprised. I work for a Savage affiliate and am appalled at the way he berates and browbeats his staff while ON the air. I cannot imagine how he treats them when there aren't a couple of million witnesses to hear it. I heard a rumour that someone on his staff took a pee in his hat before leaving quitting Savage's staff. I can tell you that if he treated ME like that, I'd use his hat to pick up all the poop of his stupid bloody dog. And it just crossed my mind that I hope I have given somebody on his staff a good ideas. The only better places for "Teddy-turds" would be smeared in his headphones and on his microphone screens.

    By Blogger Bloo, at 19 June, 2008 22:22  

  • Oh yes, and this was from the same man who called autistic children "little retards" and commented about their parents only calling their kids autistic to get welfare and other benefits. I had profanities screamed at me by people upset by that, and other people swearing at me because it was the third time this very same "encore" edition had aired in six months ("What is Savage saying that you don't want us to hear?" I tell those twits he gave out a crummy spaghetti recipe and talked about Teddy peeing under his desk) If I didn't work for an affiliate, I would not listen. I'd rather hear the Mark Levin show live. Levin is also loud and sometimes very abrasive, but doesn't b****slap his staff on the air. Yeah, I've got an attitude - but talk show host are not Gods. Some are good, some stink. I've worked in radio for nearly 30 years because I love it, but not to be abused. I doubt "Hashfanatic" has ever worked for a screaming psycho diva of a host like Savage. I do not doubt, however, that there is a lot of truth to his screen name. There, I'll step off my soap box now. Thank you for your time.

    By Blogger Bloo, at 19 June, 2008 22:36  

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