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06 June 2011

Libtalker Rails Against Theme Parks, Praises Food Not Bombs


Malloy: Disney, Sea World Are 'Disgusting'

In the utopian vision of our "progressive" liberal friends, (undeserving "Christian") families having fun at amusement parks will be replaced by smelly weirdos serving delicious vegan soup to winos on park benches.

And who better to get the ball rolling on this exciting future world than libtalker Mike Malloy?

Listen below as he spreads the Berkeley/Santa Cruz/Madison/Cambridge/Eugene (are we missing any?) doctrine nationwide.

But he's hardly alone: Food Not Bombs has been battling Orlando city officials for some time and tensions are rising. The Washington Post covers the flap here, but glosses over the real problem: the group's annoying habit of refusing to obtain permits to generate public sympathy when local authorities crack down on their activities.

Of course, why stop at attacking city officials when a broader left-wing agenda can be introduced? Call it the War On Family Fun:

MIKE MALLOY (32:24): It's the most commercial, phony section of the country you can imagine - and I'm not just talking just about Disney World, I'm talking about all - Universal - all of them - Sea World, where you see huge creatures that belong out in the open ocean living inside of a swimming pool where they do tricks for fish. It's disgusting, It's disgusting.

But the Orlando City Council and the power in Orlando do not like the fact that Food Not Bombs will give away free food to people who are homeless and hungry - that's not the Christian thing to do!

The Christian thing to do is open up another goddamn theme park, that's the Christian thing to do, make it Jesus Land or something! But don't be having homeless people congregate in our public parks!

Holy Hell - somebody from Minneapolis may drive into town to take their kid to Disney World and see homeless people eating! What could be worse - so they passed an ordinance, very complicated?

Groups have to obtain a permit to feed hungry people! And each group that gets a permit can only get two permits a year for each park within a two mile radius of City Hall! OK, so I - what - Food Not Bombs - they get out there with some kind of a - a pedometer or something? And they mark - are we two miles from City Hall? Oh, OK! You bastards!

From one coast to the other, "progressives" hate fun, especially the thought of others enjoying themselves while their own lives are filled with endless misery. And of course, they despise Christians.

Malloy's rant brings back memories of your Radio Equalizer's hometown, where these very activists (no kidding, some of the same people now causing trouble in Orlando) have hoped for years to shut down a seaside amusement park on environmental grounds while undermining the downtown area with soup-serving, health permit-less Staph-ers.


  • You've hit upon a great point in your last paragraph. Many of these people are angry that the happiness in life that many others enjoy have passed them by. The start of solving their problem can be found by their looking in the mirror.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 June, 2011 12:15  

  • I have said for years that most liberal/progressive types are absolutley miserable, & if they can't be happy, neither should you. They are kill-joys by design, & Malloy is just another brick in that wall.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 08 June, 2011 15:18  

  • You missed Ann Arbor. It's pretty much to the Left of Madison, and bigger.

    And "Progressives" or liberals are the modern Puritans. They insist that having fun is a sign that you're unfairly appropriating something that could be given to those the Puritans deem deserving.

    They demonstrate their fealty to the Leftish view of the world by the vehemence with which they attack those who don't share that view.

    By Blogger JorgXMcKie, at 15 June, 2011 21:42  

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