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04 February 2005

WA: Joni Balter in Dreamworld on Gov Race

Joni Balter, of the Seattle Times Editorial Board, was ready to coronate Christine Gregoire as Washington governor even before the primary battles were underway.

That, coupled with the dreamworld members of Seattle's media elite function in, it's no real surprise that columnist Balter would think this:

(Joni Balter- Seattle Times)

Most Washingtonians by now probably have moved past the governor's race. It's February, spring is around the corner. Gregoire has settled in as governor. But for Republicans, especially Rossi, the legal case is as alive as can be.

Computer wonks working for Team Rossi have been busy scouring lists of felons who voted, lists of dead people who voted and even some people who like voting so much they did it twice.

The 129 votes separating Gregoire from Rossi is incredibly small. If tables were turned, Democrats probably would be plaintiffs in court instead.


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