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14 February 2007

Sacramento, Liberal Talk Radio Cancellation, KCTC


In Capital City, Libtalk Dealt Yet Another Blow

In what could be terrible news for the folks in Rio Linda, liberal talk radio appears once again to be on the chopping block, this time in the land of cows, subdivisions and sleazy politicians.

From multiple sources, including a new Sacramento Bee report, we're hearing that Entercom's KCTC is poised to dump libtalk in favor of ESPN sports programming:

Local affiliate rumored to be dropping Air America for ESPN

By Sam McManis - Bee Staff Writer

Published 10:54 am PST Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lefty radio listeners are wondering what in the world is going on at KCTC (1320 AM), Sacramento's local Air America affiliate. The morning team of Scott & Sims has been off the air as of Monday, and afternoon drive-time host Enid Goldstein is gone, too.

John Geary, GM of the Entercom-owned station, did not return phone calls seeking an explanation. Geary has not spoken to the press since the water-drinking death at another Entercom station, KDND (The End).

But sources in the industry say that KCTC soon -- maybe within a week -- will drop Air America and switch formats to sports. KCTC will carry ESPN Radio programming, sources say. ESPN, not coincidentally, has stopped being used at soon-to-be rival station KHTK (1140 AM).

No word on what happens to Goldstein or Scott and Sims.

For liberal talk's loudest partisan backers, the loss of KCTC is perhaps the biggest blow yet: it means the format fails even when local hosts are added to the mix.

In defending its weak performance nationwide, advocates have pointed to stations that rely entirely on syndicated Air America and other national talent as holding it back.

Now, that theory has been blown to bits, especially considering the wealth of experience brought to the table by hosts such as Goldstein.

Despite this substantial roster of local talent, KCTC failed to earn even a tiny one share in the most recent Arbitron ratings. By contrast, market leader KFBK was once again number one with a bullet.

With so many stations dumping libtalk, it's going to be much more difficult for future left- leaning programs to get off the ground.

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  • Brian,

    You are going to have to talk about that Congressional Moonbat, Dennis Kuchinich, and his warped idea oa a Fairness Doctrine. This goofball thinks that if you have x stations broadcasting Non-Lib talk, you should make x stations carry Lib talk. As usual with lefties, there is no free choice and no compensation for injuring people or companies.

    By Blogger PCD, at 14 February, 2007 15:51  

  • Psssssst! I, like millions and millions and millions of rich, clear-headed liberals, don't give a rat's ass about what you call "radio." Go ahead, keep "radio" for your dumb, punkass selves. Who cares. Only idiots listen to the radio anymore.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 February, 2007 17:17  

  • I really hate to see Air America lose an affiliate. No matter whether one agrees with them or not, it is important that there is balance, that not just the right-wing point of view dominates the airwaves, but I suppose if the vast majority who listen to radio shows talk simply prefer those on the right, then that's the way it is. You know, maybe most liberals don't listen to the strident left-wingers for the same reason they don't listen to the strident right-wingers; they just don't go for the simplistic hell-raising techniques that the radio talkers dish out, left or right. Maybe it's because liberals just have higher IQs.

    By Blogger, at 14 February, 2007 18:03  

  • Yet another liberal station getting spanked by Rush and not producing any cash flow and ending up in the overflowing Air America dumpster. And just like a lot of the other stations... it was a very blue city in a very blue state.

    How long? How long will people defend this failed enterprise? If libtalk can't produce better ratings than Christian talk in a place like Sacramento (and Phoenix... and Boston...and New Haven... and Madison... and Santa Cruz... and NYC... and Columbus... and Chicago.. and San Francisco... and Minneapolis... and so on and so forth) then why are they even trying?

    I agree PCD. The "Fairness" doctrine is nothing more than a last ditched effort by liberals to try and get their foot in the talk radio door. What a joke.

    By Blogger njmiller, at 14 February, 2007 18:23  

  • I am in Sacramento, where until next week there are two progressive radio stations, KSAC 1240AM and KCTC 1320AM.

    KSAC was the Air America affiliate until Entercom's KCTC decided to get in the market. When Franken moved to KCTC, KSAC picked up Thom Hartmann. The progressives that I know preferred Hartmann over Franken from 9-12 and then would switch to Randi Rhodes.

    So we when Ed Schultz switched to 9-12 and we lost Thom, we were not too happy.

    And now Thom is going to KCTC and KCTC is changing its format to ESPN Sports effective Feb. 26.

    Thom Hartmann is the voice of "we, the people". He clearly explains the importance of an educated middle class (represented by labor unions) in maintaining a democracy, and how corporate personhood is responsible for the divide.

    Both stations had local shows as well as the syndicated shows. The local shows have been assets in the state capital, but maybe 3 1/2 hours in the morning and four hours in the afternoon on KCTC were too many local hours or the wrong hosts. The afternoon host, Enid Goldstein, competed with Christine Craft on KSAC, a local host with an established audience.

    This is a political city. Politicians, lobbyists, state workers, and the home of McClatchy news make for great talk radio.

    I think that Thom Hartmann is the most important voice in progressive radio and his voice was heard before Air America was founded.

    I believe that the 2006 election has proved that there is an increasing audience.

    Last night, Keith Olbermann announced that his contract for Countdown has been renewed for four more years. As the only dissenting voice on TV News, I think that he proves that the right mix of progressive voices can succeed.

    Thom Hartmann is an asset that Air America is finally using. Too bad, KCTC1320 AM is not going to give Thom Hartmann and the new owners of Air America a little more time.

    Save Air America in Sacramento.

    By Blogger bonniesac, at 16 February, 2007 12:45  

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