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08 February 2007

Don Imus, Bomb Mecca Comment, Mary Matalin


Is Don Merely Senile, Or Completely Insane?

What is it about talk fossil / MSNBC host Don Imus that allows him to get away with rhetoric which would sink just about anybody else on the air?

Was it his support for John Kerry in 2004? Or his constant schmoozing with the mainstream media's most- notorious elitists?

According to National Review Online Editor Kathryn Jean Lopez, Imus today told a stunned Mary Matalin that bombing Mecca would send an important message to terrorists abroad:

Good Luck with that, Don

Imus this morning just suggested on his radio show that bombing Mecca (among other places) would send a message to the enemy — a true enough (it would send some
message, though I'm not sure a war-ending one) but not at all advisable statement.

Expect a CAIR press conference scheduled before noon.

Mary Matalin was on the phone with him. After a shocked silence she asked, "...and what exactly don't you like about Dick Cheney?" VPOTUS is apparently too soft.

And, in an update, Kathryn points to this account of very similar words from Imus during a segment earlier this week:

From the February 6 edition of MSNBC's Imus in the Morning:

McCORD: That doesn't cover the fifty percent of the conversation last night in which you Leon Klinghoffered John McCain –

IMUS: I simply said — no, no, I simply said –

McCORD: – in favor of Rudolph Giuliani.

IMUS: – I made the observation, I think Chris Matthews or somebody made it, one of those mouth-breathing cable nitwits. I think — I think the observation is,
that if we're gonna be fighting these terrorists through the lives of Wyatt Imus' children, then, you know –

McCORD: Well, unfortunately that seems to be true.

IMUS: – it might be good start with somebody who's willing to take three big ones and drop one on Mecca, one on Jeddah, and one on Saudi — one on Riyadh. Right, Chuck?

McCORD: Well, that would get their attention, probably.

IMUS: Yeah. And say “now what?”

In a third incident, Hardball host Chris Matthews used obscene language during an Imus In The Morning interview. While not in itself Don's fault, there's clearly a strange environment being created on his show.

The question: could Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or anyone else on the right get away with this kind of extreme rhetoric? What makes Imus so special?

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  • Good post Brian

    I'm covering thr same Imus bit tonight on our internet show. Media Matters caught on to it too, so the "left' is not being biased and giving Imus the pass

    The problem is nobody could understand what that crusy old coke head is actually saying. It takes hours to figure out the transcropt, Imus is incoherent

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 08 February, 2007 14:42  

  • MOP:

    For once you're in agreement with me. Imus is an old, drugged up prunehead WHO'S WAY PAST HIS PRIME! My mom sometimes listens to him--fits that target age group 54+--VERY desireable market (sarcasm).

    If Westwood One had any sense they would cancel his show--same for PMSNBC!

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 08 February, 2007 18:41  

  • Contractual obligations and corporate malfeasance.

    Had he proposed carpet-bombing Jerusalem, the response would have been far different.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 08 February, 2007 21:39  

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