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28 March 2007

Michael Savage, 2007 Freedom Of Speech Award


Savage Praised For Attacking President

Does bashing President Bush make one worthy of a broadcast industry award?

In the twisted world of Talkers Magazine, it apparently represents a brave "freedom of speech" stance.

Could one win for defending George?

From their press release:

Savage Honored with Freedom of Speech Award

San Francisco, CA, - Michael Savage has been named this year's recipient of TALKERS Magazine's Freedom of Speech Award. The magazine's Talk Radio First Amendment Committee has selected Talk Radio Network's syndicated host of Savage Nation, to receive this prestigious honor at this year's New Media Seminar on June 9, 2007. This will be TALKERS Magazine's 16th consecutive annual convention, and is generally recognized as the most important and highly attended gathering of key players in the talk media industries.

According to TALKERS Magazine, Savage is being honored, "For being the first major conservative radio talk show host to criticize President George W. Bush on his policies and encourage hosts of all political ideologies to remain independent of partisan loyalties."

Previous recipients of the Freedom of Speech Award include Howard Stern (2006), Al Franken (2005), Rush Limbaugh (2004), Hannity & Colmes (2003), Norm Pattiz (2002), Bill O'Reilly (2001) and Brian Lamb (2000). In addition to their traditional Freedom of Speech award luncheon and presentation, the convention will concentrate on the talk media industry's programming and talent. During the two-day convention, over 65 speakers will present topics ranging from podcasting, internet streaming, technological advances to intellectual property, marketing and branding.

Originally, the Freedom Of Speech award was intended to honor hosts who had held their ground under fire, even at the cost of their on- air positions.

Over the past two years, we've seen a number of talkers suffer the consequences of criticizing Islamic extremist groups such as CAIR. But those are local hosts who don't bring the star (and publicity) power of Savage and other syndicated personalities, so they don't have a chance.

Last year, Mr Savage didn't even bother to show up at this convention. So is this award really about enticing a major talk star to attend this year's events? You betcha.

Free speech? What a joke.

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  • Did the Evil Liberal Propaganda Network get nominated?

    By Blogger none, at 29 March, 2007 02:29  

  • I caught a bit of Savage last night and I think he was talking to Mike Harrison of TALKERS. "So how long do you want me to talk for, 20 minutes or so?"

    "No, we'd like you to do a 45 minute speech..."

    "Oh sure, I can do 45 minutes, sure..."

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 29 March, 2007 12:49  

  • hahaha, we should have been. We attack Savage all the time, expose him for the homophobia, Islamophobic, crack pot he really is. He hates Bush because in his warped mind "bush is not rightwing enough"....I suppose Savage wants a Nazi for a president in that case.

    exposing the right, mocking the right

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 29 March, 2007 12:56  

  • With regards to hosts criticizing the President despite partisan loyalties,
    Laura Ingraham and Howie Carr (New
    England) have criticized him for
    his immigration stance. I remember
    Alan Colmes old afternoon show and he said that if then-President Clinton
    did anything he disagreed with, he'd
    say so.


    There's a difference between
    being afraid of, or hating,
    TERRORIST Muslims and all Muslims.
    I would think he only hates the
    terrorists. I have no problem
    with Muslims as long as they don't
    hijack planes and crash them into
    buildings to kill 3,000 people in
    the name of Allah. THAT goes a bit too far, folks...

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 29 March, 2007 13:06  

  • Brian:

    This is one time where I will VEHEMENTLY disagree with you and call you what you are--a BUSHIE! It seems to me that you are in the same boat as Hush Bimbo and Pawn Vanity!

    If I had the position of PD of a News/Talk station, the above two would not be on my station as in terms of their egos are TOO BIG for their britches!

    No, I would air Boortz, Jerry Doyle and of course Savage. You see, Brian, Savage calls a spade a spade. One time last week for his 13th year in talk radio overall, he aired the demo tape which launched his career On it he called himself to the right of Limbaugh. Now milqtoasts like you should be shaking in your boots--same goes for MOP and his ilk on the left!

    Savage comes from the streets of NYC, when men were MEN--not all this girlie-man crap feminutsos push down our throats--just ask Jihad Rosie O'Queernel--my nickname in case you're wondering.

    And Brian, this is the FREEDOM OF SPEECH AWARD, isn't it? Or are you one of those who doesn't think that right belongs to people like Savage as people like Sean Pencilneck Geek, Susan Saran Wrap and Jihad Cindy Sheehan seem to get the press? Think about it!

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 30 March, 2007 08:00  

  • Savage comes from the streets of NYC, when men were MEN--not all this girlie-man crap

    Rolling on the floor laughing, this guy is a little sissy, who used to run around the City with Allan Ginsburg. Savage is a closet case and has a very feminine gay past. Im not being anti gay, it is true. 100% , there is a postr card in the Michael Weiner archives of a post card sent to Ginsburg, describing a gay tryst he had with a black man. Not exactly a "tough guy"

    Most fascinating about Weiner Savage is his theory that if we stop accepting gays, the Islamofascists would no longer hate us. HE SAID THIS.

    One can assume Savage is such a coward, he would sell out our country to make Islamists happy. He said this, not me.

    No Tough guy would want to sell America out to Islamic values. Savage would. He sait it.

    Savage is in such denial of his gay past. HE is obviously hurting from the inside in confusion, this is why he lashed out at gays. A confused freak of nature.
    He is scum, he is a hate speaker, he deserves to be on the street corner talknig to himself, no on the radio

    Listening to Savage and taking him seriously says a lot about one self

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 30 March, 2007 10:33  

  • Leave your hate-interpretations behind, and listen to Savage for his analytical viewpoints, especially those that ring with history.

    By Blogger Go4it, at 12 June, 2007 20:39  

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