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10 July 2007

Cindy Sheehan Running For Congress, Rush Limbaugh, KSFO, Talk Radio


For Talk, Sheehan Campaign A Gift From Heaven

Run, Cindy, Run!

With goofy anti- war activist Cindy Sheehan now officially running against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco, talk hosts across the country are understandibly ecstatic. Could anything be more entertaining than watching these two duke it out?

More than that, it's symbolic of just how extreme Left Coast politics have become: Sheehan's in the race because Pelosi isn't liberal enough. Even more astounding is the fact that Cindy has a relatively good chance of winning!

For talk stations such as San Francisco's KSFO, this is like striking gold.

Sheehan says she won't enter the race if Pelosi meets a list of political conditions, but it seems very unlikely that would occur.

According to the AP's Paul J Weber, Sheehan will run as an independent and doesn't yet live in the district:

CRAWFORD, Texas — Bidding farewell to her former peace camp near President Bush's ranch, Cindy Sheehan began a nearly two-week trek toward Washington D.C. on Tuesday with her sights set on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Officially announcing her run against Pelosi in 2008 if the San Francisco congresswoman doesn't move to impeach Bush by July 23, Sheehan said she relates to the people in her home state and chided Pelosi for keeping troops in danger.

"I know what Californians care about," said Sheehan, who plans to run as an independent. "They don't care about the ruling power elite."


Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly said Tuesday that Pelosi's "focus is on ending the war in Iraq."

"She believes that the best way to support our troops in Iraq is to bring them home safely and soon," Daly wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press. "Democrats will continue to hold the Bush Administration accountable by having votes in July to change course in Iraq; to responsibly redeploy our troops; and to refocus our effort on protecting Americans from terrorism."

But Sheehan said Tuesday that's not enough.

"You can't bring the troops home if you give George Bush $100 billion to wage this war," she said. "You're not supporting them. You're keeping them in harm's way."

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh had this reaction to Sheehan's plans:

RUSH: Look at this: Cindy Sheehan is demanding Pelosi start impeachment proceedings against Bush. This is Cindy Sheehan, a phone interview on Fox News yesterday. It's just a portion of what she said.

SHEEHAN: I'm going to make a formal announcement on Tuesday that Nancy Pelosi doesn't put impeachment on the table, doesn't support the impeachment resolution that's already on the table against Dick Cheney and then introduce articles of impeachment against President Bush, then I will run against her for her seat in San Francisco.

RUSH: Now, you can laugh about this, but what it means is that the Democrat base is livid, because they wanted the troops out. They wanted Iraq over. They wanted Bush summarily defeated on this whole thing -- and you know, the Democrats have not come through on that and that's what those kooks in their base thought that the election results in November meant! So what's happening? The Democrats would be doing this anyway because they signaled it.

Three investigations they've launched in 100 days! This is harassment; it is paralysis, but it's also an attempt to keep their base in line, keep their base happy because it's the closest they can get to cementing Bush hatred, Bush Derangement Syndrome while failing in their primary mission to get the troops out of Iraq.

Do you really think Sheehan wouldn't win in Baghdad- By- The- Bay? Pelosi must be shaking in her boots. San Francisco Democrat Party politics are machine- based, so Cindy's election would be historic.

In the meantime, Sheehan would move back into the media spotlight, of which she obviously can't get enough.

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  • Cindy Sheehan will be great fodder for the campaign. I wish Al Gore would run as well. That would be hilarious.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 10 July, 2007 16:34  

  • Maloney, you are out of your skull if you a)take this seriously, and/or b)think that poor deluded woman has a snowball's chance to win if she really decided to dive in... Pelosi would crush her like a bug.

    Really, Rush commenting on something that was floating over the news wires does not in any way represent some frickin' smorgasboard for right wing talkers; anyone who mentioned it most likely treated it as a joke, or like Limabaugh, as a sign the Pelosi/Reid Democrat leaddership have lost control of their party's left wing.

    By Blogger TC, at 10 July, 2007 18:28  

  • I think Brian was pointing out the absurdity of Cindy Sheehan running as well as the profound enjoyment it will bring to the race.

    He refers to Sheehan as a goofy anti- war activist and that talk hosts across the country will be understandibly ecstatic.

    No one believes Sheehan can win. Pelosi captured 85% of the San Franscisco wackos in her last election. But the Sheenan card can certainly make Pelosi squirm a lot.

    If Sheehan sticks to her word, it will be a fun race to watch.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 11 July, 2007 00:38  

  • Here we go:

    Cindy's first ad for 2008

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 11 July, 2007 00:44  

  • "No one believes Sheehan can win."


    Are you, at any point during the course of your day, cognizant of the fact that a significant number of Americans see Washington VERY, VERY differently than you and your crew do?

    Cindy doesn't need all the reasons why she can't do this, and can't do that.

    She hasn't even started yet.

    Now go back to your own party of whoremongers and moneychangers.

    We'll worry about our grieving mothers of the fallen, our Catholic
    Sunday-school teachers, and war activists, while you clean up your OWN backyard.

    (Hint: A flamethrower can clean RINGS around that sunshiney disinfectant, any day...)

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 11 July, 2007 02:41  

  • To top it off over 58% of America agrees with Sheehan's platform of impeaching the president, when the whore mongering GOP was impeaching Naftra boy Clinton, only 20% of the country supported the impeachment (side note).....
    Most of the country would like troops home now (over 50% for now) over 80% for within the next 8 months.....

    When you think about it, Sheehan's positions are more with the country than say most of the GOP presidential candidates.... Rudy Giuliani, who has no opinion of Iraq (and the media has no intentions on asking him) and all the rest of the GOP.

    and Sheehan can probably unseat Pelosi (taking impeachment off the table BIG MISTAKE)

    Cindy Sheehan, not quite the "moonbat", those would be the GOP flunkies.......

    Speaking of which, I love how the GOP is threatening a fillubuster on a war spending bill..... when they were the majority they tried to ban the fillubuster. Love how that works....
    It takes a special breed to be a Republican.... .a total scumbag

    nothing absurd about her running.... After all Ronald Reagan is respected in this country (that is ABSURD)
    .......... Benson is scared of whats happening in America...... he secretly knows conservatism is DEAD but won't admit it.... Rush did not kill FDR, the American people are killing the 80's conservative movement..

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 11 July, 2007 09:34  

  • OK, I am wrong. Amazingly, there really are a few moonbats who think Sheehan could win. I'm surprised you would admit it.

    Some of you might hope that she wins and therefore force Pelosi to walk and hand the Speaker of the House position over to someone with some intelligence.

    But I'll stick with my belief that Sheehan does not have a chance.

    And I don't think anyone could disagree that it will be a fun race to watch.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 11 July, 2007 12:27  

    >…Sheehan even suggested that the Bush administration would refuse a
    peaceful transition after the November 2008 elections.

    "This is why they have to be removed. There will not be a peaceful
    transfer of power on Jan. 20, 2009," Sheehan said. "I don't want to be
    an alarmist."
    July 10, 2007, 10:47PM
    Sheehan brings new campaign through Houston

    Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

    Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan spent her 50th birthday in Houston
    today, attending events aimed at ending the war in Iraq.

    Sheehan joined other activists who gathered on the Montrose bridge
    during the afternoon rush hour to hold signs calling for the
    impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

    Sheehan urged about 100 Houston peace activists to join join her
    13-day caravan to Washington, D.C., where she plans to formally
    announce her candidacy against U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
    Sheehan, a Californian, announced she will challenge Pelosi if the
    lawmaker has not moved to impeach Bush and Cheney by July 23.

    "My campaign is going to happen, because we know she is not going to
    put impeachment on the table," Sheehan said.

    A spokesman for Pelosi said her "focus is on winning the war in Iraq."

    Sheehan said American troops should be immediately withdrawn from

    "I have a very simple solution. Put our troops on the borders,"
    Sheehan said. "Total and complete withdrawal, close the permanent
    (military) bases, bring out the war profiteers."

    Since announcing her conditional candidacy against Pelosi, Sheehan
    said the topic of impeachment has received more publicity.

    Sheehan even suggested that the Bush administration would refuse a
    peaceful transition after the November 2008 elections.

    "This is why they have to be removed. There will not be a peaceful
    transfer of power on Jan. 20, 2009," Sheehan said. "I don't want to be
    an alarmist."

    In her speech at First Unitarian Universalist Church, Sheehan also
    announced her new campaign, called People for Humanity, which is aimed
    at ending the war, supporting veterans and sending medical supplies to
    Iraqi refugees displaced by the war.

    Many of the anti-war activists went to City Hall today and asked the
    Houston City Council to support a resolution in favor of impeaching
    Bush and Cheney.

    "The actions of this administration have cost our city dearly," said
    John Beatty of Houston. "Most importantly in the lives of our children
    in uniform, but also by increasing the number of Iraqi sympathizers
    and increasing the risk of attacks on our refinery infrastructure."

    "When the National Guard is called to Iraq, the state's ability to
    control floods and wildfire is compromised," said Christine Morshedi
    of Tomball.

    While some council members thanked the activists for exercising their
    right of free speech, Councilman Michael Berry called them "terribly
    rude" for wasting the council's time. The mayor has a policy of not
    allowing the council to take up non-binding resolutions.

    "I never ran on the basis of whether to impeach the president or not,"
    said Berry, a lawyer, businessman and conservative radio talk show

    Berry said the speakers were "taking up the time of people who have
    issues that the city can actually address."

    "It's not a political circus and that's what Cindy Sheehan is about,"
    Berry said.

    Sheehan set up camp outside Bush's Crawford ranch in 2005 as part of
    her campaign to end the war in Iraq. Two months ago, Sheehan said she
    was selling "Camp Casey," named in honor of her 24-year-old son who
    died in Iraq in April 2004.

    In May, Sheehan said she was going home to California, after enduring
    hatred and smear tactics from both the left and right.

    This evening, Sheehan said she is "re-energized" by the idea of a
    campaign against Pelosi and the new effort to help Iraq war veterans
    and refugees.

    Sheehan said she left the Democratic Party after Congress voted to
    approve more funding for the way.

    Chronicle reporter Carolyn Feibel and The Associated Press contributed
    to this report.

    By Blogger menshevik, at 11 July, 2007 12:39  

  • "Sheehan's in the race because Pelosi isn't liberal enough."

    Liberal nothing. How about not Leftist enough?

    It's sad that liberal and leftist have become synonymous.

    Another "re-define the terms" leftist victory.

    Lousy leftist scumbags.

    By Blogger Hyper, at 14 July, 2007 09:22  

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