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29 September 2009

Libtalker Admits: Rush And Sean Were Not So Bad To Work With


In Candid Moment, Libtalker Makes Startling Admission


Even the bizarre world of liberal talk radio has forbidden zones, topics that are not to be explored under penalty of career death. Topping the list: any portrayal of conservative hosts in an even remotely positive light.

Admit their opponents are human beings? To the left, that's unthinkable.

That's why this candid and amusing admission from veteran libtalker Lynn Samuels (formerly of WABC, now with Sirius Left) has caught our attention:

LYNN SAMUELS (28:35): I have worked surrounded by right-wing people my whole radio career, because I worked at WABC.

I worked with Rush and Sean for years, but I’ll tell you one thing – I probably shouldn’t say this, but it’s true -- you could talk to Rush. I saw Rush every day and we had a lovely relationship because you could just talk to him about a movie, a TV show, you know, if I had been a football fan, you could have talked to him about that.

You can talk to Sean about all kinds of things.

Samuels has already been on our radar screen for recent criticism of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. She appears to be carving out a niche as an independent leftist, rather than a partisan hack.

Another key difference: Lynn is a real broadcaster, having paid her dues over many years. That's unlike a number of Air America hosts who've walked in off the street and made every on-air mistake imaginable, while resisting coaching from seasoned professionals.

Real broadcasters are all about the show, rather than using talking radio as a temporary career crutch or stepping stone to some other pursuit.

Samuels has made a keen observation about the qualities necessary for success in this field, whether left or right. Ultimately, you've got to be a regular person, not a phony media concoction.

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  • I live in New York. Even if I did
    not agree with her. She was always
    funny. WABC lost a talent when
    she was firedd.
    I find it impossible to listen
    to ABC now. It is the same over and
    over...Obama this and Obama that...
    Sean, Rush, Levin...they are all
    have the same message... it gets
    dull and boring.

    By Anonymous Phillip, at 29 September, 2009 14:52  

  • She is an independent leftist, so is Tom Hartman and so is Mike Malloy, every day Malloy trashes the Democratic party, so does Hartman

    too bad ,the right has not a single host that is not a GOP hack, every last right wing host is a robotic GOP talking points reader

    Marxism, Marxism, Marxism, Marxism

    that is how RNC radio sounds today, too bad there is no Marxism as Obama is a capitalst just like the Republicans, and Obama is not even a real leftist

    If you actually listen to Samuels, thatis her big problem, Obama is a centrist

    By Anonymous CONS'RBORING/STUPID/IGNORANT, at 30 September, 2009 12:20  

  • Those folks on the left that you're celebrating, particularly the odious Malloy, criticize the Democrats for not being Leftist enough. That's true.

    However, it is not true that the conservative talkers are simply partisan Republicans. They are, however, committed conservatives. To that end, almost every successful rightwing talker, from Rush to Levin to Medved to Beck, attacks the mainstream GOP regularly for not being conservative enough.

    So, really, they're doing what you say the Left is doing, except (a) they're coming from the Right, not the Left, (b) they have actual audiences, and (c) they aren't humorless jerks about it like Malloy.

    You have to be wearing earplugs not to hear the truth of that. The only reasonable conclusion is that you don't know what you're talking about because you don't really listen.

    By Blogger Kensington, at 06 October, 2009 10:58  

  • LAWL.

    Samuels is a liberal? Ha. She's as conservative as they come. How she ever got to be on Sirius Left, is beyond me.. though Sirius is quite fond of righties, so it doesn't surprise me that they don't out actual, you know, liberals on the supposed liberal talk station.

    By Anonymous RadioListener, at 07 October, 2009 20:00  

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