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24 February 2011

OOPS! Sharpton Guest Doesn't Back Michelle Obama's Public Rib Feast


Aren't Rush, Sharpton Guest Making Same Point?


After days of bashing Rush Limbaugh for his supposedly racist "ribbing" of Michelle Obama over her hypocritical meal choices, the Al Sharpton Show was left in an embarrassing position after one of the Reverend's friends made essentially the same point.

When Michelle Obama lectures others on food choices, then feasts on greasy ribs, isn't that worth noting? Isn't she setting herself up for criticism? Isn't this obvious to all?

In the first clip below, Sharpton's fill-in host claims Rush has insulted ALL black women somehow, while in the second, guest/Sharpton confidant Karen Hunter says she believes Michelle should have HIDDEN the ribs from view to avoid blowback!

But Hunter's more important point is clear: after lecturing others about nutrition, Michelle asked for this one:

FILL-IN HOST ANDRE EGGLESTON (Wed 23 Feb 2011): Some foreign policy we’ve had in the Middle East and now that everything is erupting because of ten years worth of wanton neglect. Ten years of worth of financing these despotic regimes and so much so that they became so harsh on their own people that the people have now revolted and brought about revolution all over the Middle East and then you want to blame the President for that. And as if blaming the President is not good enough for you, you’ve got pundits sitting on the air, talking about Rush Limbaugh taking shots at the First Lady of the United States.

Have you no decency sir at all? No decency? Calling the First Lady Fat, you know what, I don’t look at this as just a shot at the First Lady, I look at this at a shot at all black women. For years black women have been told, you’re ugly. You don’t measure up to beauty standards. You know and he does this on nationwide radio. I’m insulted. 877 532 5797 and you should be too particularly if you are a black female.

GUEST KAREN HUNTER (24 Feb 2011) (33:33): I applaud Michelle Obama. I love that she’s out there. I loved that she jumped double-dutch.

I was a little disappointed that she had to eat those ribs because you know you're under scrutiny and not that she can’t eat ribs, she has the right to eat ribs, but you leave yourself open because you have to know these people are watching your every single move. She could have had those ribs sent to her room or something. She didn’t have to eat them in public.

Flak goes far beyond Sharpton's show: Rush has been slammed by media lefties from coast-to-coast after making an obvious point. To fuel their movement, "progressives" need to keep the OUTRAGE (!!!) machine cranked to the max at all times. But this flap is beyond silly.

UPDATE- a caller later challenged Sharpton and Michelle Obama on their seeming hypocrisy:

KEVIN IN RALEIGH (1:50): I wanted to say what I think she [Michelle Obama] is doing is great, but I think your co-host had it exactly right. When she [Karen Hunter] said we could not legislate behavior cause when you start doing that, even though is something good as time goes on that doesn’t mean that people that get in that position in the future will behave in the same way. So it’s best not to start it.

AL SHARPTON: Now I don’t disagree with that, but I don’t think she’s legislating behavior.

KEVIN IN RALEIGH: Well she’s [Michelle Obama] in a leadership position and they provide funding for certain things.

SHARPTON: But but but legislating as I see it, if she (Michelle Obama) was legislating behavior, they would make certain foods illegal or certain things illegal, that is not what she’s saying. What they’re saying is that she’s telling people to eat healthy and saying that in terms of certain diets that government provides like free lunch and all we ought not be providing citizens with things that are less than nutritional. That’s not a law against that. That’s saying we’re not going to provide that.

SHARPTON (5:34): Maybe I’m not speaking good English. When someone encourages school districts and other places to buy healthy items and to say we should emphasize what is healthy that is not legislating what other people, anything that is making a recommendation, that’s like saying we’re going to have checkups available or or or we’re going to check for diabetes in in in schools. That is seeking good health! What are we talking about here?

KEVIN IN RALEIGH: Rev. Al, I don’t disagree with what she’s (Michelle Obama) doing in principle, but I just don’t think it’s something that should come from our government.

SHARPTON: All right thank you. I disagree!


  • Uh, when exactly did Mrs. Obama people should never eat foods they enjoy? Her point is that American diets are out of balance, and her campaign is not unlike those mounted by other first ladies---e.g., Mrs. Reagan and "just say no" and Mrs. G.W. Bush and her promotion of reading. But of course Limbaugh has to go after anything associated with Obama, no matter how innocuous or praiseworthy. You seem like a reasonably intelligent guy, Brian. How can you defend this hateful jerk?

    By Anonymous JohninOregon, at 25 February, 2011 22:39  

  • Rush Limbaugh is only "hateful" if you disagree with what he says.

    By Anonymous Janet Mipnati, at 27 February, 2011 02:38  

  • Sorry, but when you tell people to eat healthy and then go out ans scarf down a very unhealthy meal then you are a hypocrite. Eat what you want, Mrs. Obama. Don't tell me what to eat

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 February, 2011 18:02  

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