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02 February 2011

Reverend Al Sharpton Hypocritical In Talk Radio Censorship Debate


'Spar' With One Host, Censor Another

Is Al Sharpton poised to become Obama's Talk Radio Czar? Given his increasingly aggressive crusade against Rush Limbaugh, it sure looks that way.

Like every Sharpton scheme, however, there is more to the story than meets the eye. While he's publicly called for outright censorship of Limbaugh, saying "federal" airwaves should be regulated for content, the reverend has painted an entirely different picture during an interview with Sean Hannity that aired earlier this week.

IMPORTANT: it should be clear that Hannity was simply extending Sharpton a professional courtesy call across the aisle during the latter's program anniversary. Sharpton is the sole hypocrite here.

Note the decisive distinction between the hard line taken during yesterday's Ed Show and his celebration of free and open debate during Monday's Al Sharpton Show:

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Is this really about Rush's supposed "racism", or a personal vendetta against the most successful talk host of all time? Only Reverend Al knows the answer.


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