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30 June 2011

Complaints Meet Reagan's Radio Hall Of Fame Honor


Radio Hall Of Fame Inducts Former Pres

Did you really believe Ronald Reagan could win an award without someone crying foul?

Earlier today, the Radio Hall Of Fame named the late president and several other early broadcast pioneers as 2011 inductees.

From the Chicago-based organization's press release (as distributed by Premiere Radio Networks):


Ronald Reagan, Graham McNamee, H.V. Kaltenborn, and classic programs Gangbusters, Suspense, and The Great Gildersleeve to be recognized

The National Radio Hall of Fame (NRHOF) announced its Class of 2011 today that includes a who’s who of early radio pioneers ---as well as the only radio broadcaster ever to become President of the United States. The induction ceremony and national broadcast will take place on Saturday, November 5th in Chicago.

The 2011 inductees into America’s only National Radio Hall of Fame inductees are:

Ronald Reagan – The 40th president of the United States who was born in Tampico, Illinois and who began his storied career in broadcasting as an Iowa radio sportscaster where be once announced Chicago Cubs games for WOC/Davenport, Iowa and WHO/Des Moines, Iowa.

Graham McNamee – A sports casting legend, McNamee gained national prominence and was radio’s most recognized national personality in its inaugural decade.

H.V. Kaltenborn – The premier news commentator of radio’s first great era, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin native was on the air for more than 30 years. He was America’s first national radio commentator and was one of the first newsreaders to provide analysis and insight into current news stories.

WLS National Barn Dance – First broadcast in 1924, it was the first acclaimed country music show in radio history –a direct precursor of the Grand Ole Opry.

Because of the powerful clear-channel signal of WLS/Chicago, the program was heard throughout the Midwest and the South where its popularity launched many music careers and led to a music format that has dominated radio for over eight decades.

The Great Gildersleeve – One of radio’s earliest spin-off programs, the series was built around Throckmorton Philharmonic Gildersleeve, a bombastic character with a remarkable ensemble cast that was first introduced to radio audiences as a staple on the Fibber McGee and Molly show, also a Radio Hall of Fame inductee (1989).

Gangbusters - The iconic radio crime drama series that dramatized FBI cases and was produced in close association with Bureau director J. Edgar Hoover during the great American crime wave of the 1930s.

Suspense - One of the most compelling radio dramas of all time, this program from the Golden Age of Radio was subtitled "radio's outstanding theater of thrills" and focused on suspense, thriller-type scripts and featured the leading Hollywood actors of the era.

Extended biographies of the inductees as well as audio clips can be found at

The 2011 selections were made by the 27 members of the National Radio Hall of Fame Steering Committee, a diverse group of radio executives, historians, academics and civic leaders.

In making the announcement, Bruce DuMont, Chairman of the NRHOF Steering Committee, said “Many of the stars and shows that defined the medium in its infancy have been unfortunately overlooked in public balloting. This year, as we move into our new home, the Committee wanted to be sure to recognize the pioneers that time passed by but whose accomplishments must not be forgotten. The Radio Hall of Fame class of 2011 gives us a solid foundation upon which to build.”

So what's the beef with this year's class? Apparently, public voting was "suspended" for 2011 so the organization's board could directly induct some of radio's earliest voices without the usual ballot-stuffing antics designed to benefit contemporary performers (as in on-air campaigning).

Another gripe observed today: Howard Stern has yet to be admitted.

Rush Limbaugh, by the way, was inducted in 1993, Neal Boortz in 2009 and Art Bell in 2008.

At TimeOut Chicago, longtime broadcast reporter Robert Feder complained about the changes and used the occasion to take potshots:

Considering Reagan’s modest career in radio before he went on to Hollywood and politics, his induction is likely to generate controversy. This year marked the 100th anniversary of Reagan’s birth. He died in 2004.

During his presidency, his most memorable use of radio may have been just before a Saturday morning broadcast in August 1984 when Reagan joked during a microphone check: “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

But to those
who've studied Reagan's early years, we know that he had a great passion for broadcasting and fought hard to gain acceptance in the medium. He's the only radio announcer to later achieve the presidency.

For more on Reagan's broadcast years, see this collection of historical links and tidbits.

Let's get real: opposition is based on partisan politics, otherwise, Reagan most certainly deserves to be recognized by the radio industry for his early accomplishments.

27 June 2011

Libtalker Randi Rhodes Praised By CA Politicians, Union


CA State Assembly, Union Honor Libtalk 'Journalist'

If in need of further evidence that our Californian "progressive" friends have indeed lost their marbles, we direct you to today's Exhibit A: a State Assembly proclamation honoring libtalker Randi Rhodes for "responsible journalism".

Signed by Assemblyman Tony Mendoza (D-56), the public sector labor union-sponsored award doesn't appear to specify any particular examples of excellence in reporting. Do we really need to point out that she's actually a talk show host?

Here at the Radio Equalizer, of course, we were quickly able to recall a number of "responsible" on-air instances worthy of recognition (what KIND of honor, we don't know):

A 2008 inference that Sarah Palin likes to sleep with teenage boys

Her airing of a "parody" skit suggesting Mitt Romney supporters would engage in mass murder if John McCain were to secure the 2008 GOP presidential nomination

Her claim that McCain was "well-treated" in Vietnam

A recent assertion that "Bush knew" where Osama bin Laden was hiding all along but allowed him to remain there

A claim she'd been "mugged" on a New York City street, which quickly fell apart under media scrutiny

An on-stage tirade where Randi called Hillary Clinton "a big f---ing whore"

And that's just scratching the surface. Do our union/Dem friends really stand behind these kooky antics?

From the press release issued by her syndicator a short time ago:


LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2011 – On Friday, June 24, Premiere Networks host Randi Rhodes received the Responsible Journalism Award from the Los Angeles County Deputy Probation Officers Union, AFSCME, Local 685. Rhodes was presented with the award during the union’s eighth annual awards banquet and scholarship presentation at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Universal City, Calif. She joins past award recipients Pete Demetriou of KNX-AM/Los Angeles, and Marc Brown of KABC-TV/Los Angeles.

Each year, the Los Angeles County Deputy Probation Officers Union, AFSCME, Local 685 honors probation officers, and other members of law enforcement, as well as elected officials, activists and business leaders who have made a true pledge to improve the working conditions of the lives of the people they serve. Additionally, scholarships are awarded to at-risk youth to help them achieve their academic goals.

Pictured left to right: Randi Rhodes and Sue Cline, Second Vice President and Chief Steward of Los Angeles County Deputy Probation Officers Union, AFSCME, Local 685.

About Randi Rhodes

Nationally syndicated by Premiere Networks, Randi Rhodes airs weekdays from 3 - 6 p.m. ET. Rhodes enlightens and entertains listeners with her trademark candid, incisive opinions, as well as her biting sense of humor, as she discusses everything from news and current events, to politics and hot topics. Please visit for more information.

No, this is NOT a joke.

22 June 2011

Libtalkers Seize Upon Discredited Rick Perry Rumors


Smear Campaign Begins Even Before Candidacy

Wish we could blame this on the left's usual bottom-feeders, but they're merely participating in a renewed whisper-campaign kicked off by the supposedly-respectable Politico.

With Texas Governor Rick Perry considering joining the GOP presidential field, Operation Scary Perry has been unveiled by our "progressive" friends:

STEPHANIE MILLER (1:18:07): Is he [Limbaugh] making fun of people’s looks?

LAVOIE (PRODUCER): Looks, yes. Rush Limbaugh, of all people.

MILLER: Who better suited to do that? Okay wow! I’m not really sure if that was sexist or just mean?

All of the above!

All right.

How does that relate to Rick Perry?

LAVOIE: He’s [Limbaugh] claiming that all liberals are saying that Rick Perry looks like an alien.

I’ve never heard that.

I’ve never heard that either. He pulling....

MILLER: If he [Rick Perry] he turns out to be gay Rush won’t be [Lavoie interrupts]

Noted homosexual Rick Perry.

MILLER: No, we don’t know that for sure, Politico!

LAVOIE: Ha ha ha.

That a host who recently emerged from a lifetime in the closet would participate in grade-school level gay-baiting isn't worth noting, is it?

For the cause, all bets are off.

17 June 2011

Libtalkers: How Do We Know Bachmann, Palin Haven't Had Abortions?


Libtalk Smear Campaign Breaks New Ground

If this were from a Monty Python skit, it would be called the Ministry of Making Crap Up. But today's political world is far more deranged than anything cooked up on television 40 years ago.

For instance, how do we know our opponents haven't had abortions? How do we know our male opponents have stopped beating their wives?

Or kicking cute puppies and kittens?

But if we put these damaging thoughts out there, they just might stick and that's all that really matters, right?

For an infamous past example, see this Randi Rhodes clip from 2008.

From the Stephanie Miller Show:

STEPHANIE MILLER (Wed 15 June 2011 16:46): Speaking of crazy right wing newspaper columns in the Washington Examiner, syndicated columnist Cal Thomas claimed that Palin along with Bachmann get a lot of media attention because they represent everything the liberal media hate.

They are attractive women who are married to the same men they started with. He went on to write in Palin’s case she and her husband have a Down Syndrome child who she refused to abort. Right there you have to offend pro-choice feminists who treat abortion as a sacrament.

PRODUCER: Oh! There’s so many things wrong with that piece.

MILLER: Yeah, where do you even start? We hate them because they haven’t been divorced or had abortions, which apparently [Sparks interrupts]

HAL SPARKS (GUEST): No, that’s why Newt Gingrich hates them.

PRODUCER: Yeah, Michelle Obama hasn’t been divorced and hasn’t had an abortion. As far as we know.

MILLER: Yeah yeah. I don’t hmm…

PRODUCER: And how do we know that Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann have never had an abortion.


PRODUCER: Do we know that? I think Cal Thomas is making a giant assumption there.

Get ready for an UGLY campaign season out there.

11 June 2011

Libtalker Bill Press: Why Would Anyone Marry Ann Coulter?


Coulter Slimed By Former CNN Host

What's behind the recent pattern of lefty males sliming conservative women with deeply personal insults?

While former CNN Crossfire host Bill Press was careful enough in this instance to avoid using a word like "slut" to describe the designated enemy du jour, his nastiness was just as excessive.

Coulter's crime? Authoring a new book and regaining the media spotlight after a relative absence.

Didn't the left already vanquish Ann for good? How could she dare to reappear?

Press is also busy insisting Weiner remain in office.

From Thursday's syndicated Bill Press Show:

PETER OGBURN (PRESS SHOW PRODUCER) (20:55): Maybe being married to someone as nasty and loud and obnoxious as Ann Coulter is your kink, and maybe that's your thing -- good for you. I just can't imagine it. I cannot.

HOST BILL PRESS: I'd like to know the three guys that were engaged to her.

OGBURN [laughing]: I'd like to know how long they lasted.

Until recently, "progressive" women were charged with attacking their conservative counterparts in this way. That male lefties now feel comfortable moving into previously-taboo territory shows just how nasty the battle has become.

07 June 2011

Ed Schultz Sees Weinergate Only As It Relates To His 'Slut' Suspension


Hey Weiner, I'm Out Thousands, How About You?

Has Ed Schultz learned anything from his now-infamous "slut" suspension? Especially after offering a strange on-air take on the Weiner photo flap, that's difficult to say.

During Tuesday's syndicated radio program, Schultz delivered a schoolyard-worthy rant along the lines of "Johnny's also being naughty, how come I got in trouble and he didn't?"

Providing revealing insight into the MSNBC talker's psyche, Schultz focused on how his week-long detention courtesy of NBC-Comcast brass cost him "thousands of dollars" (will he send your Radio Equalizer a bill for damages?)

Sounding quite angry, Schultz lambasted Weiner for believing he could return to Congress unscathed just after Ed himself faced actual punishment for insulting Laura Ingraham:

ED SCHULTZ (03:06): Where’s the restitution? If it’ll make you feel better out there, with my suspension it cost me thousands of dollars. And it cost me a lot of good will with people that I’ve got to earn back. So I can’t use the crude terms any more, I’ve got to change.

The funny thing here is that a Schultz-Weiner parallel didn't occur to us until Ed mentioned it. While the former called Ingraham a "slut" on the air, Weiner may be guilty of a great deal more once the entire story is revealed.

So why did Big Eddie make the connection? Blame narcissism: to Schultz, it's all about how he's treated as opposed to ruling-class peers. Any damage to their victims via on-air slander or obscene photos is irrelevant, it's all about ME.

Does this sound like a guy who's learned anything after a week stuck on the bench?

06 June 2011

Libtalker Rails Against Theme Parks, Praises Food Not Bombs


Malloy: Disney, Sea World Are 'Disgusting'

In the utopian vision of our "progressive" liberal friends, (undeserving "Christian") families having fun at amusement parks will be replaced by smelly weirdos serving delicious vegan soup to winos on park benches.

And who better to get the ball rolling on this exciting future world than libtalker Mike Malloy?

Listen below as he spreads the Berkeley/Santa Cruz/Madison/Cambridge/Eugene (are we missing any?) doctrine nationwide.

But he's hardly alone: Food Not Bombs has been battling Orlando city officials for some time and tensions are rising. The Washington Post covers the flap here, but glosses over the real problem: the group's annoying habit of refusing to obtain permits to generate public sympathy when local authorities crack down on their activities.

Of course, why stop at attacking city officials when a broader left-wing agenda can be introduced? Call it the War On Family Fun:

MIKE MALLOY (32:24): It's the most commercial, phony section of the country you can imagine - and I'm not just talking just about Disney World, I'm talking about all - Universal - all of them - Sea World, where you see huge creatures that belong out in the open ocean living inside of a swimming pool where they do tricks for fish. It's disgusting, It's disgusting.

But the Orlando City Council and the power in Orlando do not like the fact that Food Not Bombs will give away free food to people who are homeless and hungry - that's not the Christian thing to do!

The Christian thing to do is open up another goddamn theme park, that's the Christian thing to do, make it Jesus Land or something! But don't be having homeless people congregate in our public parks!

Holy Hell - somebody from Minneapolis may drive into town to take their kid to Disney World and see homeless people eating! What could be worse - so they passed an ordinance, very complicated?

Groups have to obtain a permit to feed hungry people! And each group that gets a permit can only get two permits a year for each park within a two mile radius of City Hall! OK, so I - what - Food Not Bombs - they get out there with some kind of a - a pedometer or something? And they mark - are we two miles from City Hall? Oh, OK! You bastards!

From one coast to the other, "progressives" hate fun, especially the thought of others enjoying themselves while their own lives are filled with endless misery. And of course, they despise Christians.

Malloy's rant brings back memories of your Radio Equalizer's hometown, where these very activists (no kidding, some of the same people now causing trouble in Orlando) have hoped for years to shut down a seaside amusement park on environmental grounds while undermining the downtown area with soup-serving, health permit-less Staph-ers.

03 June 2011

Randi Rhodes: Palin's Wrong To Wear Star Of David


Libtalker: Palin's Now Pretending To Be Jewish

If the purpose of Sarah Palin's north-eastern bus tour is simply to drive her enemies crazy, it's succeeding brilliantly.

Combine impromptu stops deep in (forbidden) blue country with (truly forbidden) symbolism and the result is "progressive" derangement.

Here's a Pavlovian response from libtalker Randi Rhodes, who views Palin's visible Star of David as a grievous offense, without bothering (of course) to check whether the former Alaskan governor had a reason for wearing it (she did, to honor Jerusalem Day):

RANDI RHODES (Thursday 02 June 2011- 24:16): Sarah Palin is one of those people that does not want to talk to the media, period! She does not want to talk to the media because she can't answer a question about anything that people need to hear a solution for. She has no solutions for anything.

Asking Sarah Palin to come up with a foreign policy that makes sense for the United States or asking Sarah Palin to come up with a budget that would bring us into balance or asking Sarah Palin what she would do to create jobs is such a joke! I mean, the woman can't answer those really tough 'gotcha' questions like, what do you read?

Why are we going to ask her difficult questions and she knows she doesn't ever have to talk to the media, and if she wins the primary and gets the party's nomination, then the next time we'll see Sarah Palin we'll be in a debate. And that is the only time that Sarah Palin will answer any questions.

She's going to go through this entire thing without answering any of the 'lame stream' media's questions - that's just a tactic! But you know what you really should have noticed? The day before she goes to New York, she's a biker chick dressed in black leather from head to toe with a helmet! Then she goes to New York City -suddenly, she's a Jew! Did you see she was wearing a giant diamond Star of David around her neck?

Of course, this is far from the first time Randi's gone unhinged over Sarah: who can forget this blast from the past?

All we can say is Sarah, keep on truckin', you're driving them right over the edge.

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