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07 June 2011

Ed Schultz Sees Weinergate Only As It Relates To His 'Slut' Suspension


Hey Weiner, I'm Out Thousands, How About You?

Has Ed Schultz learned anything from his now-infamous "slut" suspension? Especially after offering a strange on-air take on the Weiner photo flap, that's difficult to say.

During Tuesday's syndicated radio program, Schultz delivered a schoolyard-worthy rant along the lines of "Johnny's also being naughty, how come I got in trouble and he didn't?"

Providing revealing insight into the MSNBC talker's psyche, Schultz focused on how his week-long detention courtesy of NBC-Comcast brass cost him "thousands of dollars" (will he send your Radio Equalizer a bill for damages?)

Sounding quite angry, Schultz lambasted Weiner for believing he could return to Congress unscathed just after Ed himself faced actual punishment for insulting Laura Ingraham:

ED SCHULTZ (03:06): Where’s the restitution? If it’ll make you feel better out there, with my suspension it cost me thousands of dollars. And it cost me a lot of good will with people that I’ve got to earn back. So I can’t use the crude terms any more, I’ve got to change.

The funny thing here is that a Schultz-Weiner parallel didn't occur to us until Ed mentioned it. While the former called Ingraham a "slut" on the air, Weiner may be guilty of a great deal more once the entire story is revealed.

So why did Big Eddie make the connection? Blame narcissism: to Schultz, it's all about how he's treated as opposed to ruling-class peers. Any damage to their victims via on-air slander or obscene photos is irrelevant, it's all about ME.

Does this sound like a guy who's learned anything after a week stuck on the bench?


  • A couple of things...

    Special Ed is about himself, & nobody else. He went from being a conservative host to being a liberal host for career reasons. He threatened to "burn down" MSNBC because he was'nt in the 2010 election promos. Ed knows he's in trouble, & since he is a slow learner, he will do something else that will end his MSNBC stint.

    As for Anthony Weiner, he is over, & he does'nt have a say in the matter. If the Dems leadership(& it does)sees no real use for Weiner in a utilitarian sort of way, he's done. Weiner is about his weiner now, not about being 1 of the top Dem attack dogs on Capital Hill. Pelosi & company see no reason to keep him around, so he will be gone. If he does'nt leave, he will be gone anyway. New York will be undergoing redistricting because NY is losing 2 seats. 1 will be upstate, the other will be NYC, & Weiner looks like he's made this an easy decision for those involved. Plus now that the actual "skin on" weiner photo of Weiner's weiner was leaked by Sirius/XM's Opie & Anthony, & since Anothony was with Breitbart via FoxNews Red Eye, it's out there now.

    But there is 1 thing that both Special Ed & Anothony Weiner both share, the ability to stick around when they are not wanted. Get the hint, boys?

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 08 June, 2011 15:14  

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