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14 July 2011

Al Sharpton Could Be Joining MSNBC, Radio Callers Pound Away


Sharpton Drops Strong Hints He's Joining Cable Lineup

Is the Reverend Al Sharpton about to permanently join MSNBC's lineup? The longtime activist/ libtalk radio host has been filling in on the ratings-challenged network quite a bit recently and is now dropping hints of a greater role to come.

Given the beleaguered lefty outlet's current roster of white "progressive" elitists, Sharpton could add a rare bit of contrast to the schedule. After all, he's a black "progressive" elitist.

There's another reason to push for a TV gig: his radio show's coming apart at the seams. With increasingly emboldened African-American callers challenging Sharpton to reconsider his insider establishment views, opening the phone lines has recently become a miserable experience.

Of course, that doesn't stop Sharpton from fighting back using regrettable bullying techniques, revealing a side he'd tried hard in the past to hide behind a pleasant facade.

Watch as Al and a member of his regular entourage gang up on a female caller who dared to challenge his doctrine:

AL SHARPTON (14 July 2011): It seems like the Republicans have run out of maneuvers here and they are not getting a lot of the traction they thought. In fact there’s been an internal fight now because one of the founders of the Tea Party that was on my MSNBC program last night saying that Boehner ought to resign.


SYLVIA IN BURNHAM ILLINOIS: I was listening to the program yesterday and today and I’m just wondering why is everything has to be about racial issue, like we have a bad economic problem in this country and I think we should salvage it such, not you know use race, put race into the mix of what’s going on. We overspent, we’re trillions of dollars in debt and we’re all going to suffer. I don’t care red yellow black white or brown, we’re all going to suffer if this economy goes under. So, why is it about race?

SHARPTON: What are you talking about that was about race?

SYLVIA IN BURNHAM ILLINOIS: I mean I mean it’s like you always put race in the mix no matter what the topic.

SHARPTON: What? I’m asking you what you talking about.

DR CHARLES OGLETREE (SHARPTON ENTOURAGE): I don’t know that race has been used today about the debt ceiling.

SHARPTON: You have to be specific. No one

SYLVIA IN BURNHAM ILLINOIS: Against the Republicans.

SHARPTON: Well the Republicans is not a race.

SYLVIA IN BURNHAM ILLINOIS: I know it’s not a race, it’s a political Party.

SHARPTON: So then what are you talking about? If you’re going to make a statement, tell us what you’re talking about. We’ve been talking about the President and Republicans today and you’re (Ogletree interrupts)

OGLETREE: About politics! Not about race.

SHARPTON: Yeah, what are you talking about race what are you talking about?

SYLVIA IN BURNHAM ILLINOIS: It was in the mix and when I turned it on again

SHARPTON: When?! Who?! What?! What are you talking about? We can only address it if we know what you’re talking about. Cause I don’t know what you’re talking about.

SYLVIA IN BURNHAM ILLINOIS: Well, I don’t believe that Rev. Sharpton. I believe you know exactly what I’m talking about.

SHARPTON: Well you can believe what you want. You don’t have to believe but you hear you’re talking to me, I’m telling you. Hold it a minute. I’m telling you that I don’t know what you’re talking about. So you can’t, you can believe something. But, if you’re talking to the person and their telling you that they don’t understand what you’re talking about then I mean then then then then you can say that’s what you want to believe. But I’m telling you and Dr. Ogletree’s telling you he’s been on the whole show.


SHARPTON: Tell us what you’re talking about.

SYLVIA IN BURNHAM ILLINOIS: Let me ask you this, do we have an economic problem?

OGLETREE: Yes we do. That’s what we’re talking about right.

SHARPTON: Absolutely absolutely.

SYLVIA IN BURNHAM ILLINOIS: How we gonna solve it? That’s the question.

OGLETREE: We’re going to get people I’m going to answer your question

SYLVIA IN BURNHAM ILLINOIS: If we have a problem, the next question is how we gonna solve it.

OGLETREE: I’m going to give you an answer, you put people to work. You create jobs for people at every level of our society.

SYLVIA IN BURNHAM ILLINOIS: Yeah and how do you so that?

SHARPTON: Well wait a minute if you want an answer Mame you got to let him answer.

OGLETREE: And Congress has the power to enact laws to put people to work. Let me

SYLVIA IN BURNHAM ILLINOIS: How does Congress enacting a law put people to work?

OGLETREE: Because that’s how we have the jobs bill.

SHARPTON: That’s how you get a jobs Bill.

SYLVIA IN BURNHAM ILLINOIS: No, that’s not answering my question answer my question.

OGLETREE: I just told you

There aren't any pesky Sylvias on the television side, just rigorously-controlled content free of unpleasant surprises. We're willing to bet any TV deal will mean a quick end to his syndicated radio career.


  • One more reason not to watch the worthless MSNBC. Hiring a bigoted racist shows they really are the bottom of the barrel. They must want him for his lies, just like Olbernut.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 July, 2011 10:28  

  • Sharpton is a vile anti-Semite with blood on his hands. MSNBC should be ashamed that he is a temporary host, let alone a permanent one.

    By Blogger PhilNag, at 15 July, 2011 10:48  

  • Sharpton is a vile anti-Semite with blood on his hands. MSNBC should be ashamed for putting this man on as a temporary host let alone a permanenet one.

    By Blogger PhilNag, at 15 July, 2011 10:51  

  • Al Sharpton + MSNBC = ZERO!

    By Blogger Cajunwarthog, at 15 July, 2011 13:09  

  • So, asking the caller what she's talking about when she can't be clear in her statement is bullying? Good one. What a waste of 3 minutes.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 July, 2011 18:22  

  • And here's what's depressing about this: As bad as Sharpton is, he would still be an improvement over that piece of garbage Cenk Ygur (if it's true that Sharpton would be replacing him). That guy has no class, no intelligence, no debating skills, nothing.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 July, 2011 13:50  

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