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21 January 2012

Geraldo Rivera Makes Liberal Use Of Divisive Race Allegations To Slam SC Voters


Rivera's Race Card Rhetoric Could Make Al, Jesse Blush

Move over, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson: there's a new Race Card King in town. Geraldo Rivera's fledgling radio career has provided an opportunity to spout more divisive rhetoric than the Justice Brothers could cook up in a lifetime.

Why? Who can understand anything Geraldo does?

But there he is, slamming South Carolina voters as racist secessionists just waiting for a Second Civil War to begin.

Particularly bizarre here is Rivera's assertion that Newt Gingrich has somehow mispronounced "Juan" in a way that he "swears to God" is a "racial epithet". We've reviewed this repeatedly and it just doesn't sound out of the ordinary. What does he mean?

Geraldo apparently is unaware that Juan's real detractors are found at sewer-dwelling "progressive" sites such as DailyKos. They hate him even more at NPR. How is his name pronounced there?

Equally peculiar: repeated public assertions (even just yesterday) that he's a "militant centrist" when in fact his own on-air language couldn't possibly sound further to the left.

From Thursday's WABC / New York broadcast:

GERALDO RIVERA (04:46): He [Jimmy Carter] may be, as many people suggest, one of the most unpopular former presidents. I think he's very underrated.

GERALDO RIVERA (11:32): I think that if you had stood up in that crowd in South Carolina during that debate and if you had said, I want South Carolina to secede from the nation again just as we did in 1860, we're going to be a, you know, or '61, we're going to be an independent country, we're going to leave this dreadful union, I bet they would have cheered that too.

BIZARRE BONUS CLIP: Sharpton & Friends lament mistreatment of Santorum!

AL SHARPTON: Let me ask you this how does Rick Santorum stand now with this? You've got Rock Santorum just got a major announcement that he really won Iowa, yet Rick Perry is going with Gingrich. Does this [Gingrich ex-wife controversy] give Santorum new life or is it too late?

KAREN HUNTER (PROFESSOR / ANALYST / GUEST): No no I think it’s too late and you were absolutely spot on, they absolutely robbed him of his opportunity to have momentum after Iowa. And there was a question right after Iowa and the vote actually the delegates whatever were split. I mean it was just really they did him (Santorum) a disservice. They did him really dirty in my opinion and I think the momentum is gone now.

Yes, we're sure you're CRUSHED that Rick Santorum has been so mistreated. Talk about disingenuous.


  • Fox needs to turn him out to pasture. I'll be nice and leave it at that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 January, 2012 01:48  

  • Geraldo Rivera - Sure to meet the same radio fate as that other knee-jerk liberal, Al Franken. Maybe he can run for the Senate.

    By Blogger nulife02, at 14 February, 2012 11:57  

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