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27 January 2012

Libtalker Stephanie Miller Sorry Governor Brewer's Finger Wasn't Severed


Libtalker Longs For Days Of Political Violence

You know what's wrong with politics today? There just isn't enough violent thuggery.

Why, in the good ol' days, daring to challenge a revered leader's wisdom would have been met with a quick finger chopping, followed by something even more horrible.

Obama's media defenders have been incensed since Arizona Governor Jan Brewer held her ground with the "progressive" messiah during the latter's visit to Arizona earlier this week.

Though raw video captured by the Associated Press shows the Republican greeting Obama warmly upon arrival, Democrats have insisted she was out of line. But audio from the incident has yet to be located, if it exists at all.

Below, take a look at the AP feed, followed by libtalker Stephanie Miller's nostalgic call to violence and ridiculous use of the race card:

STEPHANIE MILLER (Hour One - 30:02): You know it is exhibit you know six thousand two of the unbelievable disrespect for this President. You know it’s like she (Gov. Jan Brewer) almost was posing for that picture on the tarmac of her with her finger up in the President’s face you know it’s like Lyndon Johnson would have broken that off and shoved it up your bleep.


MILLER (Hour Three - 2:01): What did someone on my Facebook page say she’s playing the fragile white woman scared of black man card? Yeah.


MILLER: Six minutes after the hour yeah the white woman must be right (snoring noise)

WARD: [using southern accent] He [Obama] took the note and threw it in the car.

LAVOIE: She [Gov Jan Brewer] doesn’t like it when the help talks to her that way.

MILLER: No! I just got a DVD copy of The Help, I’ll watch it again in honor of Jan Brewer again this weekend.

Governor Brewer has done interviews since the encounter explaining her side of the story, telling KTAR / Phoenix hosts (audio here) that Obama was angry over the contents of her book and words were exchanged over the illegal immigration issue.

But who needs facts when emotional calls for violence and childish race-baiting tactics are so much more effective?


  • The Left Is Upset that Obama stood there and took a scolding from an Angry White Women wagging her finger at Petulant Teenager. I had a Lefty wonder outloud what did she say, I told him that Telemondo TV said that Jan Brewer told him to " Show me your Green Card or get back on that Plane." He turned red and left the Bar.

    By Blogger Duke C, at 27 January, 2012 12:32  

  • yeah, who needs facts?

    responses from two different mayors who were there - one dem, one rep

    By Anonymous TJTaygee, at 28 January, 2012 15:08  

  • Was she just as outrages when Brian Williams shook his finger at Pres. Bush? Somehow, I don't think so.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 January, 2012 20:31  

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