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17 January 2012

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) On Sharpton Show: Republicans Ready To Bar Voters


NY Dem: GOP Has 'Twenty Ways' To Violate Rights

Citing pre-Civil Rights Era poll taxes and other notorious, since-banned methods of cutting turnout, Senator Charles Schumer was at his most shameless during yesterday's Al Sharpton radio broadcast.

Telling Keeping It Real listeners that Republicans had devised "20 ways" to stop the minority vote, the New York Democrat did his level best to enrage the largely African-American audience.

What exactly are these "20 ways"? If only Chucky would provide a list, we might then have an idea what to anticipate.

Otherwise, listeners are left to their own imaginations:

SEN CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY) (4:25): The hard right is really going at this [voting rights] right now and they’ve made a concerted movement to prevent people from voting in a variety of different ways. The worse way is they you know it’s no more that you can do a poll tax and say to black people its fifty dollars for you to vote for white people its fifty cents.

There’s no more discrimination overt, but what they’ve done is they’ve come up with twenty different ways that make it much more difficult for people to vote.

Oh, that's right, some people want voters to bring some form of ID to the polls, which we all know African-Americans apparently don't have. Is that really their argument?

And REMEMBER, this did not happen.


  • This is from Schumer, a New York City Democrat. Schumer's allies in the New York State Senate have been trying to disenfranchise the upstate portion of New York (i.e. everything north of NYC) for years now. But, of course, geographic minorities don't count.

    By Anonymous TheDarkShadow, at 17 January, 2012 21:32  

  • If a person is smart enough to decide who he/she wants for President, they should be smart enough to carry ID to the place where they make that selection...they do have driver's licenses or social security cards, don't they? Or are they illegal aliens?

    By Anonymous Delmont, at 18 January, 2012 10:59  

  • The Cluster-Schmuck won't like this, but I ALWAYS present my ID when I vote, always. I get the "we don't need that" BS most of the time. I always tell them, polititely I might add, that it should be required. I Then thank them & go vote. I question the motives of those who argue that ID laws "suppress" voters. I'm sure if someone say,said they were them at, say, a will call window, used got their tickets to an event, & were then they were told no ID was'nt presented or asked for, they would have a meltdown about it. You know I'm right.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 20 January, 2012 01:03  

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