The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

05 November 2004

Reaching Out

We've now had a full day of reporters, anchors and commentators from the left making the point that it is "time for reaching out" and "working together". I heard several times in different places sermons, disguised as questions, regarding what good ideas Republicans could grab onto if only they are willing to listen to Democrats. Bush got one question after another about this and even Michael Savage had a caller pressing him to say the same thing the press corp wanted from Bush.

The answer, of course, as Savage laid out especially well: NO! There is nothing to be gained from the party whose ideas the nation has just soundly rejected. There is no reason to stop criticizing Democrats and their failed policies just because the press still claims the nation is divided.

If the situation were reversed, do you think reporters would push victorious Democrats to listen to Republicans? That wouldn't happen in a million years.

The nation isn't divided, as an electoral map broken down by counties, rather than just states, will show you. The Boston Globe printed one in their Election 2004 section on Thursday. It is amazing to see how red the country looked on Tuesday. Even California, Oregon and Washington look conservative outside of some extreme coastal counties.

The only states that are mostly blue are found in New England. Even there, pockets of red are found in New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut. Pennsylvania is almost all red outside of Philly. The same is true even in Illinois outside of Cook County. There are several states where Kerry didn't win a single county, or just a handful of them.

We won't hear anymore whining from the Democrats about the Electoral College. It helped Kerry a great deal in this election. Again, the map broken out by counties shows the true picture.

In the meantime we are also subjected to the left's own post mortem, where they blame bad campaign strategy for the loss rather than the candidate and his rejected ideas. They still don't understand that America rejects out-of-hand their entire philosophy. Because Susan Estrich didn't get her talking points memo in time for Hannity and Colmes, the race was lost? I don't buy it.

The Boston Globe quoted New Englanders who couldn't figure out why the image of a candidate from Massachusetts was so unappealing to Americans. They felt the area was getting picked on unfairly. The problem is that Kerry really did fit the Northeastern liberal elitist image and that is not an easy sell in most of the country.


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