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19 December 2004

More Fishy King County "Ballots" Blocked From Third Count by Pierce County Judge

As King County, WA continues to cook up more fishy "ballots" in their attempt to unseat Governor-Elect Dino Rossi, a Pierce County judge, after examining relevant laws, has determined that King County may not include those late ballots in the third count (second hand recount).

Democrats are still screaming about "counting every ballot" but they want every mysterious new batch of "votes" that workers "find" in various places to be included as they demand count after count, hoping to change the election outcome. Democrats will appeal the judge's decision but the law isn't on their side.

There has to be finality to an election, you can't keep adding ballots to the mix until you get the desired result. Democrats are really straining the limits what the public could be expected to buy as new stacks turn up almost every day.

The oddest turn of events was the call by former Republican Secretary of State Ralph Munro for a revote that would be held in February. Some Republicans, including state party chairman Chris Vance, were said to be warming up to the idea.

I couldn't agree less. Dino Rossi won this election and is the governor-elect. There is no reason to hold another election and undo the results of a perfectly legitimate vote held in November simply because Christine Gregoire wants to steal it for the Democrats through dirty and dishonest trickery.


  • Do you know that if you stew prunes like apricots they taste much more like strawberries than rhubarb does?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 December, 2004 03:40  

  • On the other hand, you may have a point. I was cleaning out my linen closet and found 157 uncounted King county ballots.

    By the way, why do people in Ireland care or respond to this site? Very confused.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 December, 2004 04:19  

  • Dia Dhuit,

    This blog somehow got listed as based in Eire on one of the blog directories. Coincidently Ireland will be addressed here from time to time.

    If there is any confusion, Ta Bron Orm (I am sorry).

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 20 December, 2004 13:01  

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