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10 January 2005

Voters Back New Election

John Fund has another update to the vote fraud situation in Washington State today and includes KING-5 TV's survey results:

(Opinion Journal)
Even liberal officeholders in Seattle privately acknowledge that the combination of bloggers, talk radio and local think tanks like the Evergreen Freedom Foundation have helped skeptics of the election's validity win the public relations war. Evergreen president Bob Williams says his group isn't focused on overturning Ms. Gregoire's election so much as on highlighting the obvious problems in the vote count that cry out for permanent legislative fixes. He notes the public is paying attention: A poll taken last week by Seattle's KING-TV found that by a 20-point margin state residents back a new election, and by 53% to 36% they don't think Mr. Rossi should concede.

I think 95% of the credit for this movement goes to the blogging worker bees. Bloggers such as those at Sound Politics are doing the research and breaking the stories. Talk radio is helpful but a little behind the curve. The hit counts for some of the blogs dealing with this issue are now higher than the number of average daily listeners to Seattle-area talk shows. I've seen the blog figures and know the ratings so I can tell you with amazement that this is now true.


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