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04 February 2007

Seattle, Mike Webb Fraud Trial Conviction, KIRO 710


Host's Conviction Won't Prevent More Foolishness

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After any significant legal setback resulting from criminal charges, at what point is it time to take one's lumps and move on to life's next chapter?

While most people seem to have an intuitive sense about when to quit fighting and accept their impending punishment, a few others simply don't know when to throw in the towel.

Famously, Martha Stewart handled this very well, choosing to fast- track prison rather than prolong the damage to her personal life and career.

On the other extreme lies former KIRO / Seattle liberal talk host Mike Webb, who seems determined to fight his way into increasing levels of trouble.

Newly convicted of insurance fraud (see full coverage at Blatherwatch, the Seattle Times and Seattle Post- Intelligencer), Webb vows to press on, despite a very light sentence (community service and restitution) and the overwhelming evidence against him.

We've covered this mess for a long time and have continually been amazed at how it has dragged along. While a KIRO host, your Radio Equalizer worked with him. For the full background on Webb's troubles, see this 2006 Seattle Weekly cover story.

Every aspect of this twisted tale is fascinating, from his strange ability to keep his job despite increasingly- inappropriate workplace antics, to how the car accident that led to charges actually occurred (Webb often drove to a convenience store for snacks during station breaks and was struck by another vehicle during one of these mad dashes) and his outrageous courtroom behavior that first led to a mistrial.

Now, his unbelievably stubborn inability to admit what he's done and move on has added a new chapter to this ongoing story of a talk host's sad self- destruction. As a newly- convicted felon, what's next for Mike Webb?

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