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13 July 2007

Media Matters, Michael Savage, San Jose (Calif) Illegal Immigrant Protest


Pro-Illegal Alien Protestors Demand Savage's Firing

The search is finally over! We've succeeded in locating the world's least intelligent student protestors.

Actually, after a silly, Media Matters- fueled rally in front of the San Jose (California) City Hall yesterday, their own foolishness was self- exposed, without any effort on our part.

Chanting in Spanish, how could these blockheads not realize they were playing right into syndicated talk show host Michael Savage's hands? This is exactly what the Marin County- based host wants.

According to clearly sympathetic Bay Area newspapers, the pro- illegal alien student activists were offended when Savage ridiculed their hunger strike. In their own clumsy way, these radical extremists are hoping to create the next Imus situation:

(San Francisco Chronicle) Bay Area immigrant rights advocates say radio host Michael Savage should be fired for using hateful language when suggesting supporters of an immigration reform bill who fasted in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza last week should starve to death.

During a July 5 broadcast of "The Savage Nation," his nationally syndicated talk show, Savage said, "I would say let them fast till they starve to death ... because then we won't have a problem about giving them green cards because they're illegal aliens."

More than 30 protesters publicly denounced Savage and the on-air remarks outside San Jose City Hall on Thursday and said his comments should not be disregarded on the basis of constitutional free speech.

The group, which included San Jose State students who participated in the hunger strike and a variety of community activists, called on radio stations such as Clear Channel Radio's KNEW 910 AM in San Francisco to apologize for airing vile language and hate speech and cheered in support of the immigrant students who fasted.


In one part of the broadcast, Savage said the students were stealing education from the United States and added: "Go make a bomb where you came from."

Such comments are not atypical for Savage, who is known for his anti-immigration views and often offensive speech, said Karl Frisch, a spokesman for Media Matters, a liberal media watchdog that tracks Savage's program.

"I think he's probably more likely to insult somebody else than he is to apologize," Frisch said. "This is a guy who has built his career on personal character assassination."

And from the San Jose (Calif) Mercury News:

Latino college students who spent a week fasting to call attention to the Dream Act are demanding the firing of radio host Michael Savage for saying on the air: "Let them fast until they starve to death."

About two dozen young people from across the state - including four from San Jose - are also demanding apologies from 350 radio stations throughout the country that air the program, "The Savage Nation."

"The comments were full of hate," said Cesar Juarez, 21, a San Jose State University student who took part in the fast that began July 2 and ended Monday.

The demands were made Thursday during a news conference outside San Jose City Hall that evolved into a rally, with several participants chanting in Spanish "Que lo saquen" or "kick him out."


Unlike remarks from shock jock Don Imus, who was fired from CBS Radio in April for calling members of the Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos" - Savage's comment fuels wide, public hostility, the students said.

Charlotte Casey with the San Jose Peace Center said the airwaves should be reclaimed and the public shouldn't be exposed to someone who "spews his hate speech."

So the Israel- hating "peace" centers of California are now in charge of determining what is heard on the airwaves?

While there's no question that his rhetoric can be quite bizarre these days (we've been tough on him here), a noisy effort to fire Savage would almost instantly turn him into a free speech martyr.

Are these kids really that stupid? Of course!

Beyond that, it's abundantly obvious that in its attempt to create the next Imus situation, Media Matters is calling the shots here. Aren't the Bay Area's newspapers sophisticated enough to know when they're being manipulated by self- serving opportunists?

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  • There are plenty of bad bill,s but the DREAMAct is in a class by itself: it's explicitly anti-American. Anyone who supports it should be automatically tainted; the only reason that hasn't happened yet - and it might not happen - is because those who support our laws just can't seem to get off their duffs and discredit its supporters. This one bill that no one's heard of could be used to end political careers, yet no one is willing to do the actual work to make it happen.

    By Blogger LonewackoDotCom, at 14 July, 2007 00:16  

  • "So the Israel- hating "peace" centers of California are now in charge of determining what is heard on the airwaves?"

    I dunno, Brian....what about self-hating Irishmen??

    Because the Savage Weiner himself said:

    It is a pig story! It’s animal farm all over again. And also make no bones about it, it’s the GREEDY CATHOLIC CHURCH that was behind it because the people of America walked away from the molesters’ dens and they need to bring in people from the Third World who are still gullible enough to sit there and listen to the molesters…the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH WAS BEHIND THIS, THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH STARTED THIS A YEAR AGO. The Roman Catholic Church flooded the streets because THEY CANNOT GET PARISHIONERS ANYMORE AMONGST EDUCATED WHITE PEOPLE who have caught onto the racket and instead they need to import dummies to sit in the church pews. That’s the story and it is not difficult for you to understand—I’m telling you the truth. IT'S ALL ABOUT GREED. It’s greed at the top of the Catholic Church.

    Make no mistake about why this is happening. This has nothing to do with compassion for Mexican workers. This has nothing to do with fairness for Mexican workers—it has to do with the greed…. That’s all there is to it. AND THAT INCLUDES THE CATHOLIC CHURCH PIGS. And if you don’t like it, don’t listen to the show—I really don’t care anymore. I’m not going to be duped by this sanctimonious garbage that all churches are good and that the institution itself is good. Bah humbug. THE INSTITUTION IS ROTTEN FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM.

    Hmmm. Interesting. Kinda makes you want to run for two Tylenol and a glass of water, eh, Brian?

    I know I certainly did....

    Now, back to your comment:

    "So the Israel- hating "peace" centers of California are now in charge of determining what is heard on the airwaves?"

    Funny, but it seems to me that anyone who dares to criticize ANY member of the Chosen (and that runs the gamut anywhere from Baruch Goldstein, Meir Kahane, to David Berkowitz) anywhere on Planet Neocon gets deballed and quartered pretty quickly (or at least persecuted, like I have)...

    Isn't it PECULIAR that there never seems to be any recourse when the Tiber runs in the other direction?

    (...we've been tough on him here...)

    No, no, Brian, that's all right.

    We wouldn't want you to break a fingernail or anything....

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 14 July, 2007 23:41  

  • Maloney, do you understand the difference between free speech and hate speech?

    Believe me, Michael Savage couldn't be happier about this recent dust-up with the SF city councilman because his ratings are hurting. Here in Chicago, they can barely sell ads on his stupid show. He's something like 10th in the market, behind the Spanish language broadcast.

    He's a has-been who's been drummed out of every business he's ever been in. Laughed off of television, shamed out of his first field of biology. Heck, the guy wrote vitamin books for rubes.

    You want to be careful about associating yourself by a miserable phoney like Savage, a guy who has to use a made up name because he doesn't want his listeners to know he's Jewish.

    By Blogger nittacci, at 12 August, 2007 17:25  

  • Michael Savage's Family Owns ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK You Morons!

    He's a MultiMillionaire and He's Currently Ranked #3 You Dule!

    We'll Give You Homos Right-OK? 10% Off KY, NOW Get Back In The Frigging Closet...

    You Sick, Perverted, Demented Human Beings!

    Remember who gave you Birth-Heterosexuals!

    Please get Some help!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 August, 2007 14:11  

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