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31 January 2011

Lefty Effort To Disparage Conservative Talkers Falls Flat


'Progressive' Anti-Talker Smears Lost In News Cycle

Poor "progressives": they threw a Smear Conservatives party and no one showed up! Yes, "racism" charges levelled at key conservative talk hosts did generate quite a bit of coverage last week, but world events inconveniently got in the way.

Even as global dominoes continued to fall, our lefty friends didn't give up, however. Media Matters, libtalkers and smear sites all teamed up to accuse Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and others of racism, possible misuse of charity funds and whatever else came to mind.

From the Thursday and Friday editions (respectively) of the Ed Schultz Show, these segments in particular caught our attention:

ERIC BOEHLERT - MEDIA MATTERS (05:24): Yeah, this is the Jewish Fund ["Funds," actually] for Justice organization that has been critical of Murdoch, er, Fox News and Beck in the past, but today they made a pretty big splash, full-page newspaper with 400 signatures, 400 signers, basically deploring, imploring Rupert Murdoch to get Roger Ailes to apologize for referring to anyone who has criticized Fox News and their Nazi obsession as being left-wing rabbis.


BOEHLERT (12:49, after saying 400 rabbis who signed newspaper ad represent "mainstream selection" of political views): But the fact is, as Media Matters has pointed out, you know, Glenn Beck has Jewish problems. He has a problem not only with these rabbis, but if you look at the people he attacks over and over again, these sort of villainous, all-powerful liberals who are trying to take down America, for some reason an awful lot of them are Jewish. And more and more people are sort of wishing up to that.


BOEHLERT (14:21): Well, it turns out, there was an article in the Wilmington newspaper last week, the town hasn't seen any money yet. None of the charities have seen any money. Beck raised $300,000 selling tickets in Wilmington, Ohio but no one has seen any money and when the newspaper called Beck producers, they couldn't get an answer.

SCHULTZ (15:25): Wow. Wow. That is unbelievable.

ED SCHULTZ (06:02, after also referring to nasty fax received by CA State Senator Leland Yee, D-San Francisco): Now this is proof positive that what we say on the air and how we say it affects the actions of other people. You can't dodge around this, this is a barrier that you're not going to be able to get around, righties.


SCHULTZ (06:14): I wonder if that fat slob right-wing talker at night is going to sue anybody over this [referring to Mark Levin]. I wonder if he's going to sue the state senator from California. Big shot, big attorney, fat slob in the evening that thinks he knows everything about cable! 'Course he doesn't have a show. I'm not even going to say his name because he doesn't even deserve it.


SCHULTZ (06:49): Fact of the matter is is that Limbaugh has stirred this up even further without recognizing his shortcomings of being an insensitive pig, what does he do? He goes on the offensive. What does his audience do? Well, one nut out there responded to it! So you can't get around it any more that, well, what they say on the air really doesn't inspire anybody whatsoever! It does, it has, this is proof positive. And I don't want to hear anybody say, we don't know whether this guy even listened to Limbaugh. Do you think he has now? Of course he has.

Yes, Beck has criticized some people who HAPPEN TO BE JEWISH! Now THAT'S bigotry at its most obvious.

The other talkers are clearly slobs and racists, especially when a random nut leaves a nasty voice mail or sends a fax and mentions a host's name.

convincing, isn't it?


  • Boehlert has been exposed as a liar and fraud and a hypocrite a thousand times over. MSLSD swings and whiffs again.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 January, 2011 22:28  

  • They said ...these sort of villainous, all-powerful liberals who are trying to take down America, for some reason an awful lot of them are Jewish.

    I call RAAAAAAAAACIST! back on them.

    By Blogger BrendaK, at 01 February, 2011 06:14  

  • Is there anyone with an active brain cell that actually pays attention to this dreck emanating from the Left except to ridicule the vast majority of it?

    By Anonymous Dennis, at 01 February, 2011 07:32  

  • Jewish?

    I blame Mark Levin, Joe Lieberman, and Eric Cantor.

    By Blogger M. Simon, at 01 February, 2011 12:50  

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