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26 January 2011

Libtalker Compares Skin Tone Of Obama, Boehner


Libtalker: Boehner's Darker Than Obama

At a time when even relatively mundane observations by Rush Limbaugh regarding the Obamas are subjected to extreme media scrutiny, how is it okay for his liberal counterparts to make overtly race-based comments?

At best, they offer shallow (skin deep?) political analysis.

Once again, low ratings should not provide cover for extreme rhetoric and this should be no exception. Can you imagine the heat a conservative would receive for comparing Obama's skin tone to that of his opponents?

Right, it's a (botched) "joke", just like it ALWAYS is when our "progressive" friends go too far.

From today's Stephanie Miller Show:

CHRIS LAVOIE (PRODUCER) (1:11): I have that part where he (Obama) made the "boner" [John Boehner] cry.

STEPHANIE MILLER: I said it as a joke Hal [Sparks] I’m like I hope he says something about him working at a Tavern and becoming Speaker of the House so he cries.

LAVOIE: I think he [Obama] made a bet with Joe Biden

MILLER: I’m telling you what you got you saw that big piano key grin. Joe Biden I’m like I’m doing it dude.

SPARKS: I’m going to go for it

MILLER: Dude I’m totally doing it. I’ll just throw in the thing about a kid from Scranton to make it seem like not so obvious.

SPARKS: That was so good.

MILLER: And then the other big thing I noticed, I’m sorry cause you know you can’t help the visual. Okay boner [Boehner] is a darker color than the President.


MILLER: I’m just saying did anyone else notice. I’m like, that color is what?

LAVOIE: I tweeted last night that if he [Boehner] wore and avocado green tie, he would totally be a 1970’s kitchen.

MILLER: Ha ha ha ha ha. He [Boehner] looks linoleum.

he does.


Even without the obvious racial element here, it's another example of childish "progressive" antics substituting for real political insight.


  • Conservatives did do it. And they did it in a pretty damn funny way.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 January, 2011 12:57  

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