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11 February 2007

Don Imus Bomb Mecca Comments Follow-up


After 'Bomb Mecca' Comments, Almost No Fallout

*** Elsewhere: Finneran the Felon makes his debut, see SaveWRKO ***

After almost a week since syndicated radio / MSNBC talk fossil Don Imus began his bizarre campaign in favor of bombing Mecca, supposedly to send terrorists a message, the mainstream media's silence on the matter has been deafening.

While denunciations of Imus's extreme rhetoric began with the conservative National Review Online site, leftists at Media Matters For America have since joined in with very similar opposition.

Nice work, I-Man, you've managed to unite both the left and right!

Had it merely occurred once, it might have been characterized as a one- time slip of the tongue, but the Kerry- supporting celebrity schmoozer repeated this ill- considered position at least twice during the week.

Since then, we've seen nothing about this from our mainstream media friends, though the accidental uttering of an obscenity by Imus guest Chris Matthews did generate a great deal of coverage.

Now, your Radio Equalizer would like answers to these questions:

Could Rush Limbaugh get away with calling for the destruction of Islam's most holy place?

What about Bill O'Reilly? What if he made this demand on the Factor?

Or Sean Hannity, for that matter?

What makes Don Imus immune to the kind of fallout that would destroy the careers of just about anyone else in the business? And how does he manage to remain on the air?

If you have answers to these important questions, which still elude your Radio Equalizer, please leave a comment below.

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  • Sorry, Brian. As a committed member of the left, and someone who used to listen to Imus for years, I have to tell you that Imus is a right-winger. Really.

    He's your problem, not ours.

    Only an extremist like you could mistake his politics for leftist.

    By Blogger John, at 11 February, 2007 02:48  

  • Oh, and as for that reported support of Kerry by Imus last presidential election--Imus supported Kerry because even then it was clear to anyone with the ability to add one and one that Bush was a disaster.

    Those who can't see that now need therapy, not argument.

    By Blogger John, at 11 February, 2007 02:52  

  • An easy way to find out if Imus is a lib is to see what his ratings are like. If the ratings are closer to Rush and Sean, then clearly he is right wing. If his ratings are in the toilet he must be a liberal. But I'll toss the liberals a bone here, Imus (like Pat Robertson) is an old guy who says stupid stuff because his brain is old. Sure Pat gets some heat still but really no one is paying attention anymore. Both Pat and Imus are like grandpa at Thanksgiving using a racial slur, the family just ignores it because his time is almost up.

    By Blogger Lonewatchman, at 11 February, 2007 07:25  

  • Lone

    several "libs" kick ass in the ratings
    Stephanie Miller scores top patings in many markets all accross America
    same for Ed Schultz
    same for Randi Rhodes in many markets

    your theory is a bunch of bullcrap
    Imus has no ratings, because he is an incoherent ex-cokehead, no other reason. His politics make no sense because his brain barely functions. His co-hosts run the show and he occasionally mumbles and says "Imus in the morning" and "jack ass" or a similiar insult

    Many right wingers ratings are garbage, such as every last host on Salem, Michael Savage(declining big time every book everywhere), and Hannity(shines in some areas, flops with 1 shares in other areas) , and O'riley, his TV show does well, but his radio show is even defeated by Sam Sedar (inexperienced A.A host) in NY

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 11 February, 2007 14:02  

  • "many markets" is code for "a couple cities with poor competition". Libs cannot compete in the big picture even if they find a few crumbs here and there.

    You say my theory is a bunch of bullcrap but then you make the same claim I do. That Imus' brain does not work, try to pay attention please, or perhaps you share this with Imus.

    Certainly you can find failing shows labeled conservative, but that doesn't change the fact that the top is solidly conservative. You are only saying liberals do well by showing a minority, and say conservative do bad by showing a minority. The truth is the top is con and the bottom is lib, just as a good dom/sub relationship should be.

    By Blogger Lonewatchman, at 11 February, 2007 16:22  

  • Only place in America where "conservative" is majority is on the AM talk radio

    America has abondoned your ideology in droves. Am radio is there for the militia freaks, closet klansmen, 65 year old McCarthiests and functionally retarded

    In reality, "conservatism" is a failed ideology, rejected by the vast majority of America. Get used to it.
    In reality we are the top, and cons are the submissive effeminated bottom, who live vicariously threw prostitutes and drug addled freaks on the AM radio. Have fun

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 11 February, 2007 17:02  

  • Imus for 30 years has been a pseudo shock jock talker. He has comedians sitting in his studio impersonating Jerry Falwell, Bill Clinton, Hulk Hogan amongst others. Only idiots who didn't recongnize what a totally imcompetent and morally bereft person Bush was in 2004 voted for him.

    Comparing comments made by Imus to Hannity and Limbaugh is beyond stupid and is totally predictable coming from you Maloney.

    By Blogger none, at 12 February, 2007 01:23  

  • Does Maloney know that "Eagle 101" deleted him from Wikipedia's AAR page on January 31? This is yet another example of WP's extreme unreliability.

    By Blogger LonewackoDotCom, at 12 February, 2007 18:18  

  • "The truth is the top is con and the bottom is lib, just as a good dom/sub relationship should be."

    Could you do your gay cruising somewhere else like Chubby Chasers?

    By Blogger gregrocker, at 13 February, 2007 04:16  

  • The Minister of Propaganda is a person who never listened to IMUS. Never read orbitron ratings on his Radio show.

    He is mis-informed and belongs in a dog pound with Michael Vick... Ha! Ha!

    Liberals are truly the end of the World. Conservatives like Imus are a breath of fresh air. Take you blog Minister of Propaganda and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 05 September, 2007 17:06  

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